Book-Burning and All-lied Book Destruction Compared


For all the readily available information about the infamous ‘Nazi Book Burnings’, next to nothing is mentioned of a far greater book burning; that which transpired during the Allied Obliteration Bombing campaign upon Germany and the ‘Re-Education’ program of  any surviving Germans after their defeat and following occupation… which still continues to this day.

The so-called Book-Burning Policy of Germany

We have all heard about the so-called brainwashing German’s purported evil ‘Book Burning’, but there was never any official National Socialist policy to undertake such action. In fact, Chancellor Hitler did not learn of the May 1933 fire until after the first blaze, which was ignited by students.

The German Student Union did call for German university students to purge literature of Marxist influence and to RESTORE the aspects of German culture to their previous volkische traditions, before the degenerate Communist influence prevailed during the Weimar Republic.
The Theses included such detail as;

  • “Language and literature have their roots in the Folk. It is the German Folk’s responsibility to assure that its language and literature are the pure and unadulterated expression of its Folk traditions.
  • At present there is a chasm between literature and German tradition. This situation is a disgrace.
  • Purity of language and literature is your responsibility. Your Folk has entrusted you with the duty of faithfully preserving your language.
  • We want to eradicate lies, we want to denounce treason, we want institutions of discipline and political education for US THE STUDENTS, not MINDLESSNESS.
  • We demand of the German students the desire and capability for independent knowledge and decisions.
  • We demand of German students the desire and capability to overcome Jewish intellectualism and the resulting ‘liberal decay’ in the German spirit.”

With todays liberal societal mindset, which has resulted from the same Marxist incrementalism, this may be perceived as abhorrent and apparently ‘Racist.’ However, to understand the reasoning for such a call, one must understand what had evolved in Germany within the years from the Treaty of Versailles 1919, to 1933.

From the ‘Back-stabbing’ of Germany by International Jewry – the arbitrary annexation of German people, land and industry to surrounding states, the impossible WWI Reparations imposed on the German people and the purposeful hyperinflation – plunged Germany and her Volksdeutsche into incomprehensible poverty, suffering, starvation, death, immorality and desperation… all while a special few lived it up at their expense, in their homes and property, as they took new positions of power and influence of the newly imposed Republic (through the International Democratic overthrow of the former Autocratic Reich), taking over all business, finance and industry, with which they promoted promiscuity, pornography, bestiality, homosexuality, paedophilia, drugs and the sex trade, all through Jewish owned medical clinics, clubs, theatres and publications.
After years of deprivation, suffering and starvation, much of the German Volksdeutsche had succumbed to the Marxist demoralisation, through an environment of pure debauchery and the desperation of the ‘have-nots.’ Germany and, in particular, Berlin, had become the cesspit capital of Europe. To cleanse the German nation of such decadence as this, is what was evil, according to the Glorious All-lied Victors.

That all changed in 1933, when German property, business, finance, production, position, education, industry and publications were rightfully PUT BACK into indigenous Germans hands… for their own benefit.

[Note the Narrator states “Legend has it” regarding Goebbels’ alleged order to burn books]

All-lied deletion of German History, Culture and Traditional Spirit

DresdenIt is estimated that 11,075,000 [*] volumes and patents, which is over a third of all German books, had already been destroyed by the Allied barbarous aerial bombing in West Germany alone; and this does not include those in the areas taken from Germany after the war. Added to the millions of German books destroyed worldwide during the anti-German hysteria of WWI and the Jewish Boycott against Germany in 1933, far more German books were destroyed in the twentieth century, than exist today.
[*] (Source: UNESCO, General Information Programme and UNISIST, ‘Lost Memory – Libraries and Archives Destroyed in the Twentieth Century’)

Librorum ProhibitorumUntil the advent of the printing press, books were hand-scribed and existed in only one or a few copies. Burning them ensured that no one would ever read them… needless to say, thought control was simple pre-printing days.
However, citing rhetoric such as “Preventing corruption of the young” (ironically and hypocritically, a concept often cited in the German censorship laws today), the likes of Henry VIII required printers to submit all manuscripts to the Church for approval and imported publications were outlawed in 1529. French king Francis I, prohibited printing in 1535 and in 1559, the Catholic Church issued the Librorum Prohibitorum to order censors as to which publications to allow. Their approved index listed only 5,000 titles which existed right up until 1966.
Germany however, still had much of the hand-scribed books from its historical culture, but through the atrocious terror bombing of civilian cities by allied forces, they are lost forever;
But it didn’t stop there…

We might think those days were long behind a progressive society, but not under certain circumstances; and, ‘Re-education’ of Germans is and was one such circumstance.

The Allied consensus upon victory was the doctrine of collective guilt: all Germans, young or old, shared the blame for the war. The idea was entrenched enough that it caused no surprise when U.S. President, Harry S. Truman, refused to alleviate the famine of the German population in December, 1945, stating;

Starving German child

“Though all Germans might not be guilty for the war, it would be too difficult to try to single out for better treatment those who had nothing to do with the Nazi regime and its crimes.”
Apparently this even applied to babies and young children.

Morgenthau Plan

All German literature found in both the Soviet and Western Occupation Zones was subjected to censorship. In the U.S. zone, it was regulated by occupation directive JCS 1067 (The Morgenthau Plan) until July 1947, and in May 1946, the order was valid for all zones.

“Too many people here and in England hold the view that the German people as a whole are not responsible for what has taken place – that only a few Nazis are responsible. That unfortunately is not based on fact. The German people must have it driven home to them that the whole nation has been engaged in a lawless conspiracy against the decencies of modern civilization.”
~ President Franklin D. Roosevelt, August, 1944.

Allied Control Authority Order No. 4 stated:
“Confiscation of Literature and Material of a Nazi and Militarist Nature” dictated that all confiscated literature was reduced to pulp instead of burning – a psychological propaganda tactic, to avoid hypocritical accusations of ‘Book-Burning!’ Unfortunately, those in charge of disposal often didn’t know Michael Angelo from Mickey Mouse, and thousands of innocuous, even extremely rare books were Pulped!

A list of 35,000 books were banned as well as all textbooks published from 1933 to 1945. All publications and materials were ordered by the Allied ‘Re-Education’ teams to be “Released to the Commanders of each Zone to be destroyed.”
They were removed from all libraries, schools, universities, research institutes, academies, technical or academic societies, book-stores, publishing houses and even from private homes… then destroyed.
This massive, haphazard vandalism was carried out by Communists, Jewish Partisans and other unqualified people from 1946 to 1952, where many books were lost forever due to careless storage and handling, as well as deliberate eradication, all under the battle cry of making the world a safer place.

This was the greatest campaign of book destruction of all time and ended up being applied not only to the apparent offending books, but to poetry, philosophy, musical verse, calendars, horse books, books about trade and agriculture, driving manuals, books about flowers, home building, barns, astronomy, plumbing, poets, tennis and books about gardening. Hundreds of years of the most ingenuitive, classical and virtuous German history and culture, were lost due to this arrogant abuse of authority, brazen incompetence and total ignorance.

Books about birds made the list, as well as books by Friedrich the Great, Bismarck and antique European military history books and chronicles. Popular children’s books, including rare editions of the Brothers Grimm, were pulped on the grounds that they “Provoked violence.” Everything about the Olympic Games of 1936, the most innovative and greatest Games the world had known to that date, was banned! Books by the ancient poets were pulped. Even books once banned (not burned) by the National Socialists were destroyed too!? Sloppy handling caused the loss of the entire musical works of Richard Strauss and many Gutenberg bibles were fried in this orgy of stupidity.

Of Morgenthau’s Plan for ‘Re-Education’ titled, “Education and Propaganda” stated;

(a) All schools and universities will be closed until an Allied Commission of Education has formulated an effective reorganization program. It is contemplated that it may require a considerable period of time before any institutions of higher education are reopened. 
Meanwhile the education of German students in foreign universities will not be prohibited. 
Elementary schools will be reopened as quickly as appropriate teachers and textbooks are available. 
(b) All German radio stations and newspapers, magazines, weeklies, etc. shall be discontinued until adequate controls are established and an appropriate program formulated.”

Further testament to the intentions of the Victorious All-lies to annihilate German memory and not to free Germany, in jurisdiction, movement or mind, is the Secret Treaty (Geheimer Staatsvertrag), enacted two days prior to the enactment of the German [Occupational] Provisional Constitution on 23 May 1949, which gave complete All-lied control over electronic and print media, film, culture and education until the year 2099 – 150 years of thought control secretly given to the U.K., France and the U.S. for west Germany.
The Treaty also provided for the confiscation of Germany’s gold reserves to be held in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in which the Rothschilds have a 57% shareholding. (See: here)

Beginning with ‘Re-Education’ at the end of the War, Occupational Germany has continued the strict censorship imposed by the Soviet and the Allied occupiers. Even today, using the ‘Special history’ excuse, the Internationalist occupiers forbid ‘Nationalistic’ books, songs and symbols, making them completely illegal, even in private, in Austria and Germany; and, the Occupational Authorities in Germany have been aggressive in trying to expand its own strict laws beyond its borders.
Almost all prosecutions of censorship violations have taken place in connection with what they term Holocaust ‘Revisionism’ or ‘Denial.’ Merely questioning an aspect, re-analysing data, expressing a maverick theory or trying to revise a statistic pertaining to this subject, is lumped under ‘Holocaust Denial’ and ‘Hate Speech’ which is illegal not only in Germany and Austria, but in most of Europe.
“To have failed to write about a particular historical event in a balanced manner” (hypocrisy?) is a crime that can send an amateur historian to jail and he will often serve a longer sentence than a paedophile or serial rapist.

Thousands of people have been convicted of violating European ‘Denial’ laws – thought control policies – and they are currently languishing in European dungeons. Cases prosecuted under these laws go unchallenged even when the convicted parties were pacifists and never proposed violence, but were simply expressing their opinion. In the cases of scientists, artists, singers or writers convicted of this offence, their homes and businesses are raided and their work is destroyed by the state. Worse, the definition of ‘Denial’ is being broadened and is defined today as ‘Hard-Core’ and ‘Soft-Core’ Denial, the latter including discussion of the Allied War-Crimes of the Terror-Bombing Campaign against historic and civilian Germany, as well as the Expulsions of ethnic German women, children and the elderly after the war. Even liberal writers extremely critical of the Third Reich have been tarnished as ‘Soft-Core Deniers’ when they came out with books discussing the heavy toll of Allied Terror-Bombing upon the German civilian population during the war, slaughtering millions of innocents, in defiance of all international law, to which no-one has ever stood accountable.

But be sure to remember how those Evil Germans banned societal rotting books, which is purportedly an ideology the Allied ‘Liberators’ have saved humanity from ever having inflicted upon them again.
“Never Again”?

1948 comicsIn 1948, children – overseen by priests, teachers, and parents – publicly burned several hundred comic books in both Spencer, West Virginia, and Binghamton, New York. Once these stories were picked up by the national press wire services, similar events followed in many other cities. Beginning in 1948, Fredric Wertham wrote and spoke widely, arguing about the detrimental effects that comics reading had on young people. Consequently, his book ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ serves as a culminating expression of his sentiments about comic books.

No-one ever accused these parents, teachers and priests of being evil for protecting their children’s’ minds from rot.


Further reading from Revisionist – Here

N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic


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