Who Involved the U.S. in WWII When 83% of Americans Voted Against It?

Besides the Pearl Harbour False Flag, How did They Manipulate America into WWII? – A war 83% of Americans (according to the June 3rd, 1941, Gallup Poll results) were against and asserted they wished to remain uninvolved?

Protocol of the Elders of Zion – VII:6
“…In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan….

“We Jews,” as the spokesmen of this clannish nationalism might put it, “are well aware that in America, England, France and the Soviet Union, as well as in every other part of the world, the rule is: Judah must come first!
As long as the interests of America are identical with the interests of Old Testament ‘Zionism’, we will be good Americans, but as soon as our interests begin to conflict with the interests of America, we shall betray her too. Generally speaking, democracy suits us if and when it is led by as many Jews as possible. The so-called freedom of the press is good for us too, provided the descendants of the seed of Abraham, above all, can avail themselves of it. Yes! this freedom is a valuable thing, but only where we Jews are at liberty to do anything we like!”

Oh, you faint-hearted ones, who listen terror-stricken to the marching S.A. and S.S. troops; be not afraid! By now we are experts in undermining and capturing democracies. We are familiar with the methods of imposing our particular interests on the masses. America, the richest state of the Goyim is being shaken by mortal economic crisis. The time is ripe to start our all-out offensive, which, will also give political power into our hands. And ours will be a take-over of a more permanent character than that of Hitler. We are going to conquer America neither by arms nor by theories. We possess a reliable prescription to call down Nemesis on America. The fate of America was prescribed by our own Führer – Moses! Torah is our Mein Kampf!

This will be the year for sounding the Trumpets in America, where in George Washington’s time, the total number of Jews were a mere four thousand. But now our bankers, our socialists and our journalists will be blowing trumpets and, our ‘Brain-Trust’ will execute the New Deal at the expense of the American Pioneer-Population. Thereafter, the only remaining question will be: Whom are we going to put in the Presidential Chair at Washington?

“Those of you living in despair in your palatial residence in Wall Street or in 13th Street, as well as in the ghettos of Brooklyn and Bronx, must not doubt that we shall find our man, who will be a real match for Hitler, while at the same time, place political power over America into our hands. You need only read our directions in the Protocols.”
(The World Conquerors, p. 80-81)

Protocol X:
“Liberalism produced constitutional status, which took the place of what was the only safeguard of the Goyim, namely despotism (autocracy)… then it was that we replaced the Ruler by a caricature of a government – by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet overture – our slaves. In the near future we shall establish elections, in favour of such presidents, as have in their past some dark undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other – then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans, out of fear of revelations…”

“Who will therefore, be the new President, who will place America in our hands and will execute our orders?”
His name is Franklin D. Roosevelt! – the late descendant of the Spanish Sephardim.

Fear not dear Franklin, our “Advisors” are now gathering around you, to support you in the decision making for all your future endeavors, which is at such a pivotal time in our world history. Felix Frankfurter from Vienna, Henry Morgenthau from Mannheim, Bernard Baruch from Könoigsberg and Albert Einstein from Berlin. Samuel Roseman who will write your speeches is there, so are our labour leaders; amongst them our compatriot Sidney Hillman who controls American labour in the Administration for you. There is David Dubinsky, also a fellow immigrant from Russia, who will transform the Christian workers into tax payers for Zionism.
The entourage we will provide you will consist exclusively of trustworthy men, such as La Guardia, Mayor of New York, a Jew from Fiume and, Alger Hiss, the protègè of Frankfurter and of Senator Lehman. Bernard Baruch will control the 351 most important branches of American industry, which will militarily equip the American boys to go fight against our cryptonite – National Socialism.
On behalf of America, Alger Hiss will conduct the talks with Stalin and, Einstein, Oppenheimer and David Lilienthal will produce the atomic bomb. As managers of the UNNRA, La Guardia and Herbert Lehman will help the intended future Jewish ‘Displaced Persons‘ of our coming war – a war which we will declare. Our appointed Henry Morgenthau Jr., Secretaty of the Treasury, will prepare a splendid plan for the extermination of the German people, based on the insightful authorship of our intellectual confidant, President of the ‘American Federation of Peace,’ Theodore Kaufman. Our own Mortiz Gomberg, will see to it that 18 million people from the countries of our opponent will become ‘Stateless’ in Europe, our trustworthy men will distribute $11 million worth of cheques to provide our Bolshevik counterparts with arms and Harry Dexter White will also give them U.S. occupation printing plates, to enable the ‘Displaced Persons’ to print with abandon, so they can be cashed-up to usurp all positions of European “Authority” after our boys of the O.S.S. summarily assassinate all who have opposed us – at the expense of the American people who reject involvement in our coming war.

No, fear not dear Franklin, the patriotism of this American dream to sail across the seas to punish OUR enemies, is in the good and trustworthy hands of Judah!

Bernard Baruch – the unofficial President of America.
Judge Samuel Roseman – the Founder and Head of the ‘Brains-Trust’ – Roosevelts “Advisors”
Professor Raymond Moley – Favorite Advisor.
Rabbi Stephan Wise (Weiz) – President of the WJC and Roosevelts closest Advisor/Firm Hand – see here: The Jewish Plan for WWII and all the Benefits it would Bring World Jewry
Henry Morgenthau Sr. – Unofficial Advisor, Jewish State Lawyer.
Theodore N. Kaufman – President of the ‘American Federation of Peace’ / Author of ‘Germany Must Perish’, precursor to the Morgenthau Plan – see here: Germany Must Perish
Harry Dexter White (Weit) – Senior U.S. Treasury department official (Transport of U.S. printing plates to Bolsheviks – see here: WWII: Espionage and the US funding of the Conquering Communists of Europe
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Justice Benjamin Cardozo – Advisor.
Gerald Shwope – Advisor.
E. A. Filene – Advisor.
Charles Taussig – Brains-Trust Advisor.
Nathan Margold – Interior Department Solicitor.
Charles Wyzanski Jr. – Labour Department Solicitor.
Professor Leo Wolman – Labour Strike Board.
Rose Schneiderman – Labour Advisory Board.
Isador Lubin Jr. – Labour Bureau Statistician.
Solomon Rosenblatt – Amusement Administrator.
E. A. Goldenweiser – Federal Research Director.
Jerome Frank – General Council.
Mordechai Ezekile – Economic Advisor (Co-author of A.A.A. Laws).
Herbert Feis – “The Brains of the State Department.”
Henry Morgenthau Jr. – Secretary of the Treasury.
David Lilienthal – TVA Director.
Sidney Hillman – Labour Advisory Board.
L. N. Landau – PWA General Solicitor.
A. Steinhard – Minister to Sweden.
Professor Albert E. Taussig – NRA Advisor.
Alexander Sachs – NRA Code Authority.
Maurice Karp – NRA Director of Personnel.
Robert Freshner – CC C Forest Army Head.
Robert Strauss – NRA Assistant Administrator.
Donald Richberg – NRA Advisor.
H. I. Strauss – Ambassador to France.
Ferdinand Pecora – “Special” Investigator.
Samuel Untermayer – Stock-Exchange Bill Advisor.
Professor James M. Landis – Federal Trade Commissioner…

Just to name a few of the “Trustworthy Men” of American interests.

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N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.


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