Thou Shalt Not Allow Another Nationalism Than Ours

Thou Shalt Not Allow Another Nationalism Than Ours

During the rise of the Third Reich, not only did the Jewish El-ites and their tribalistic minions lose their grip on a country they once wielded great power from – corrupting within and disseminating chaos without – the rise of the Third Reich was something much worse than losing power over Germany, to the International Jew…

After a few centuries or so of Jewish movements and literature convincing and agitating the masses in all nations with [the very ideological weapon they’d used for all their previous revolutions and still, for ensuing revolutions], that of the manipulated “CLASS-WARFARE” – riling the working class against the capitalists (and letting die or killing those who were neither – they were of no use to them), while ensuring their own Capitalists would be immune and remain in power, to funnel all the capital to themselves by consolidation and credit recall, actually increasing their power and capital, by using their Marxist inspired, Communistic created movement of ‘Proletariat against the [very] Bourgeois’ they sought to supplant (divide and conquer), by replacing them as the Super-Bourgeoisie (with the help of the naive angry mob), thereby, reducing all others to slaves – or in Russia, the so-called ‘Workers Paradise‘ – ruled over by the only Nationalism they planned (and still plan) to exist – that of ‘Jewish-Nationalism’…


However, there emerged a Nationalism that demonstrated and proved, in only a few short years, that this clash of classes that the communist narrative had pushed for so long, was NOT inevitable!

A Nationalism that abolished Class-Warfare (and useless political ‘Parties’), uniting peasant and professional in community pride, in dignity, in respect for each other, in commonality and in quality over quantity. A Nationalism that enabled a form of capitalism that pursued quality of life in every area for all, raising the standard of living and morality through a willing collective effort – contributionism, not theft, give not take, based on the timeless principle of, “Give and thy shall receive.” The very Proletarian unification and recognition Marx and his Communist herd opined about… but when the true recognition of the Proletariat worth ACTUALLY emerged, they did all they could to destroy it.

A Nationalism that abolished the form of Capitalism brought about by lazy, scheming, usurious extraction – the theft of all assets and capital through unpaid [imposed] debt. A Nationalism which inspired value in each other, making obsolete the idiotic idea of seeing value in an inanimate metal locked away in some Bankers vault. A model of Nationalism the whole world could adopt and hoped the world would adopt, which supports the ‘Natural-Order‘ of TRUE Diversity – the Diversity BETWEEN Nations (not WITHIN Nations)… and thus, this is why every other Nation had to be bombarded with the twisted and most evil of horror stories against this Nationalism – one of barbarous world domination, evoking distrust and persecution against all Germans whichever land they resided in (whilst crying this was their own plight), before the other nations, too, took pride in their own and each country established their own free nationalism, embodied by respect and rights for everyone, within and without, their own cultural lands…

In the mind of the Jew, anything that stood in contrast or stood above ‘Jewish Nationalism’ or simply competed, had to be destroyed at all costs! The threat of the potential of many unified nations to rise near their superiority nationalism (a special Chosen People), would not be tolerated!

ww2-anti-german-propaganda-poster-illustrating-a-demonic-adolf-hitler-DK18NTThe Third Reich’s National Socialism was the initiator of that contrasting Nationalism that had to be destroyed; and all weapons were employed to achieve it – international defamatory press, finance, policy, plundering, war machines, slavery and outright genocide.

‘Jewish Nationalism’ is the core drive behind their endless names of movements and organisations, the compass of their instinct, from every word they utter, to every piece of literature or policy written… thus why the Third Reich’s principle of Nationalism will continue to be demonised as long as one of these nepotistic tribalists can still speak.

Their unnecessary manipulated ‘Class-Warfare’ must never be discovered by the angry mob, it has been the very weapon they’ve used to raise the masses in every incremental revolutionary phase of societal-restructuring they’ve pursued, the very weapon that today keeps the aimless and divided “Democracies” in useless conflicting discussion and opinions, absent of unified direction and action… thereby incapacitating any possibility of opposing Nationalisms to the jew, enabling ‘Jewish-Nationalism‘ of their own unified direction and action, to reign supreme… their very own ‘Internationalism’ (world domination over all nations/nationalism’s), the internationalism, which was born from Diaspora Judaism and incubated in the isolating banishment of ghettos.

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 N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.