The Third Reich Still Exists and World War Continues…


Headlines-announce-WWII-2Whenever a Declaration of War is proclaimed, such as the 1933 ‘Declaration of War’ on Germany by the international Jewish Nation and, the 1939 ‘Declaration of War’ by both France and Britain – the ‘State of War’ remains, until there is a ‘Declaration of Peace.’

Since the ‘Declarations of War’ in 1939, there has been no such Declaration of Peace, just the coined marketing terms of “Liberation” and several newspaper headlines stating “War is Over” – “We Won” and of the like… the ‘State of War’ still exists, thus, Martial Law still exists, for all Nations involved.
In effect (legally, not lawfully), Germany is still occupied and war continues, however, not in the colloquially recognised operations as what we know as “Boots on the Ground.” (see: ‘Fourth Generation of Warfare‘)

nuremberg-trials-600x400If in fact there was a ‘Declaration of Peace’ at the cessation of military hostilities in 1945, or shortly thereafter, the Allied Military Tribunal at Nuremberg would not have been able to legally declare itself to be, an instrument of “a ‘CONTINUATION of the War Effort’ of the Allied Nations” against Germany. – IMT, XIX, p. 397.
The war tactics changed when battle was moved from the field, into what the Victorious All-lies led the world to believe was, a so-called ‘Courtroom’ – it was in fact, the jurisdiction of a Military Tribunal (not a Common Law Court), where the enemy created a legal framework to suit themselves in this later Sortie and these same War Criminals sat as Prosecution against the defeated, in the biggest demonstration of ‘Conflict of Interest’ the world has ever been subjected to…and the war has continued to move from the so-called Courtroom to the populace, who are still under the proclaimed State of War.
(Note: under ‘Martial Law’ deceit is not illegal)

To this day, courts in Germany are bound by any of the ‘Tribunal’s Statements’, as codified in the 4+2 treaties of 1990, and cannot challenge the purported validity of said Statements, despite the complete absence of any evidence or forensic reports to support these ‘Statements.’ This makes a mockery of Germany’s Basic Law – Grundgesetz, which has enshrined in Section 5 “Freedom of Opinion” as one of its pillars. (more on Germany’s ‘Basic Law’ below)
In order to circumvent Section 5 of the Basic Law, Section 130 of the Criminal Code – Strafgesetzbuch, was enacted, which enables the occupational authorities to put anybody on trial who disputes the holocaust hypothesis, founded on the Tribunal’s Statements, under ‘Agitation of the People’ or ‘Incitement of the Masses’. This ‘Specific Holocaust Law’ is in contravention of the UN’s Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, as well as the, Declaration of the United Nations Council for Human Rights 2011, which states that, “Publication of Opinions About Historical Facts are Not to be Penalized” under any circumstances.
(We will examine below why the United Nations Charters and Treaties, do not apply to Germany)

An example on how the 4+2 treaties, known as the ‘Final Settlement’ (not a Peace Treaty), together with s130 of the Criminal Code work:
The Military Tribunal established in its ‘Statements’, those responsible for the Katyn Forest Massacre, were National Socialist Germans. Seven innocent German men hung for this particular crime and another 3 were sentenced to 20 years labour in the Gulag Death Camp System – never to be seen again.
Although today, it has been proven to be the Jewish Bolsheviks who were responsible for the Katyn Massacre and, is Internationally and Officially recognised, even by both the Russian and American governments, as a crime committed by the Russian impostors.
Therefore, pursuant to the 4+2 treaties of 1990 and s130 (CC), if you were to speak, print or even think of the fact, that the Jewish Bolsheviks were responsible for the Katyn Massacre, you are subject to 5 years in prison, with a range of financial charges… and so too, will any Lawyer or Attorney, who might dare to speak of or present evidence to this fact.
(See: Katyn Forest Massacre – Jewish Communists or Germans?)

The Lawyer for Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, explains the corruption of Nuremberg and todays ‘Legal System’ shortly before her own trial, where she was sentenced to a 3½ year prison term, as well as being banned from practicing law for 5 years.

Where is the legitimate Government?

What is and what has been happening in Europe, especially in Germany, where in just the last ten years, more than 100,000 truth speaking citizens from around the world, have found themselves in jail and in conflict with the purported law, for having misspoken themselves with faux pas’ at the displeasure of the Ruling Clique and their noisy lobby. This has only happened due to the manipulations and the power of a Shadow Government – an Occupational Institution, ever since 1945, passing itself off as a legitimate government of Germany… however, they are not!

There just so happens to be two Constitutions. According to a Resolution of the Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgericht) of 17 August 1956;

“It is upheld that the German Reich has outlasted the collapse of 1945 and has never gone under or fallen, either through capitulation or through the exertion of foreign state authority in Germany by the Allies, or in the later course of time; it is still an entity with legal capacity,even though it is not fully operable as a government due to a lack of organization. The Federal Republic of Germany is NOT the successor of the German Reich.”

(note: the Constitution of the Third Reich, dates back to the North German Constitution of 1866. The principal reason why it still exists is because only the German High Command surrendered on 8-9 May 1945, and not the German Government or the German people)

The Constitution, enacted by the Occupational Authorities, on 23 May 1949, is termed the ‘Basic Law’, only because it is/was a provisional (interim) Constitution, pending unification of the lost territories. However, the Reunification of 3 October 1990, only effected central Germany and the eastern territories, as defined by the 1937 borders, still remain under Polish and Russian control. Thus, Germany is still occupied, still has Occupational Military authorities making all the decisions, is still under Martial Law (where deceit is not illegal) and is still subject to the Re-education [Indoctrination] Program of the Morgenthau Plan.

However, the legitimate German Reich, the true Reich of the German people, lays dormant in the shadows, embodied with the rightful legal capacity just waiting to be utilised, revived and embraced by the people of Germany, who have the lawful right to determine which Constitutional system they wish to stand upon… that of their own (previously chosen by their volk) or, the system imposed by the foreign occupational military powers?

Professor Hans-Peter Schneider, a former member of a number of provincial (Laender) Constitutional Courts, spoke concerning the constitution of the Third Reich never having been abrogated. He too admitted that it still exists, but according to the Professor, it was apparently only so those who worked during that period – while curiously avoiding the lynching their colleagues were hunted down and subjected to – could still receive their Parliamentary Pensions…
There is another reason which we will discover below, as to why the Third Reich still exists… but in any event, the Third Reich does exist and this widely kept secret, is more legitimate to the German people than any arbitrary occupational rules – it just needs the organisation for its resuscitation.

Further testament to the intentions of the Victorious All-lies not to free Germany, in jurisdiction, movement or mind, is the Secret Treaty (Geheimer Staatsvertrag), enacted two days prior to the enactment of the German Provisional Constitution on 23 May 1949, which gave complete All-lied control over electronic and print media, film, culture and education until the year 2099… 150 years of thought control secretly given to the U.K., France and the U.S. for west Germany.
The Treaty also provided for the confiscation of Germany’s gold reserves to be held in the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in which the Rothschilds have a 57% shareholding.
Germany has repeatedly requested for the return of its gold even to this day… to no avail.

die-deutsche-karte-485x192Military Counterintelligence Service (Militarischer Abschitmdienst) chief Gerd-Helmut Komossa, confirmed the treaty in “Die Deutsche Karte”
(The German Card).


Secret Treaty

Internal BND (Bundesnachrichtendient) document only for Ministers (“NUR Für Minister”)
TOP SECRET (Strengste Vertraulichkeit)

The document asserts that Copy No. 4 of the ‘Geheime Staatsvertrag’ has been lost and also describes the provisions in detail.

The document further states that if copy No. 4 of the ‘Geheime Staatsvertrag” comes into the wrong hands, then its authenticity must be denied.


Egon Bahr, Minister from 1972 – 1976 under Chancellor Willy Brandt, stated that Brandt had to sign 3 of these continuation documents for the ambassadors of the U.S., U.K. and France.
Brandt was reportedly disgusted by having to sign this ‘Unterwerfungsbrief’ (letter of subjugation), but was told that Chancellors’ Konrad Adenauer, Ludwig Erhard and Kurt Georg Kiesinger had to sign these letters also.

Of Morgenthau’s Plan for ‘re-education’ titled, “Education and Propaganda” stated;

(a) All schools and universities will be closed until an Allied Commission of Education has formulated an effective reorganization program. It is contemplated that it may require a considerable period of time before any institutions of higher education are reopened.
Meanwhile the education of German students in foreign universities will not be prohibited.
Elementary schools will be reopened as quickly as appropriate teachers and textbooks are available.
(b) All German radio stations and newspapers, magazines, weeklies, etc. shall be discontinued until adequate controls are established and an appropriate program formulated.”

(See: Book-Burning and Allied Book Destruction Compared)

International Status of Germany and other Axis States

The Charter for the United Nations was negotiated at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, while World War II still raged, in 1944. The new ‘United Nations Organisation’ (the term first coined by FDR in 1941) formulated many provisions for their emerging international governing body, which were pivotal on; the new world rules for Nations and peoples under the self-exalted international watch-dogs – the Four Policemen, sometimes called the Strange Alliance – how they were to be implemented, which Nation States would be part of the club and, which Nation States would not…

image015“Which Nation States would not” was clearly specified in the provisions which became Articles 53 and 107 of the UN Charter, which were in essence, contained in Chapter XII of the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, formally titled at the time, the Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization.’
At the San Fransisco session, in disgust, the Mexican delegate compared them to the ‘original sin’ of the Covenant of the League of Nations and its linkage to the so-called peace settlements of World War One. (see: ‘Versailles: The Peace to End All Peace‘)


Article 53 (2) of the UN Charter, introduces the term ‘Enemy State’ as; “any state which during World War II has been an enemy of any signatory of the present Charter.” This legal status was applied to; Germany, Italy and Japan, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Finland – making these nations ‘Official’ and eternal, subordinate enemies of all states who signed the UN Charter.

Article 53 (1) of the UN Charter (which is in Chapter VIII of the ‘Charter Regional Arrangements and the United Nations Charter’), specifies that “no enforcement action’ shall be taken under regional arrangements, or by regional agencies without the authorization of the United Nations Security Council… However, the Security Council goes on to make an exception to this prohibition, for “measures against any  ‘Enemy State’ “ … provided for, pursuant to Article 107, or in regional arrangements, “directed against renewal of aggressive policy on the part of any such state.”

Article 107, together with Article 106 of the UN Charter, forms Chapter XVII – Transitional Security Arrangements. Article 106 provides for joint action by the four parties to the Declaration, on the Establishment and Maintenance of International Peace and Security.
Article 107 concerns the same ‘Enemy States’ as Article 53. It provides that nothing in the Charter shall “invalidate or preclude action, in relation to any ‘Enemy State’, taken or authorized as a result of World War II, by the Governments having responsibility for such action’. The action in question can be taken directly by the ‘responsible governments‘ or delegated by them to others. This ‘Transitional’ chapter, still applies to Germany today, as the occupational ‘interim’ government is still in effect.

The duration of the status of ‘Enemy State’ was not given. Some suggested that it might end at the latest, when the Enemy State concerned, became a member of the United Nations. However, that was not the case with the two German States (East and West Germany); upon their admission, the Four Powers declared on 9 November 1972, that admission to the UN did not affect Quadripartite (allied) Rights and Responsibilities.’

Article 77 of the Charter, lists among the categories of territories which might be placed under the trusteeship system, “Territories which may be detached from ‘Enemy States’ as a result of the Second World War.” In fact, the only territory in this category to be placed under the trusteeship system, was the Italian Somaliland, which became a trusteeship territory, with the ‘Enemy State’ – Italy, as the administering (occupational Administration) authority – somehow detached and under the jurisdiction of an Enemy State at the same time?
The all too important question must therefore be asked; If the Victorious Allies brought us a purported New World of ‘Peace and Liberty’ with their new international government of ‘Human Rights’, why then, after 70 years and several generations, hasn’t the ‘Enemy State’ and associated clauses, been abolished or repealed?

Why have they continued a legal ‘State of War’? Why is Germany (and others) still occupied, even though most citizens weren’t alive at the time and have undergone their “Re-education”? Why is there an ‘Interim Constitution’ (Basic Law) still operational? And why have they given themselves the legal capacity to take preemptive action against these so-called Enemy States, without Security Council permission and with the scope of arbitrarily delegating action against the said Enemy States, to satellite signatory States?
With the understanding of the obfuscating tactics and elements of the Fourth Generation of Warfare, we see that war has not ceased since 1945 and satellite States (occupational within and enemy without) are still continuing action against the Reich…

…And thus, that is the very reason why the Third Reich has never been abrogated by the Victorious All-lies… because you cannot legally continue a State of War in the world, without the existence of the legal entity on which you declared it.

What is missing?

What is needed to get out of this horrific Martial mess? A Declaration of Peace!
Such a Declaration is not only the legal key for the administrative freedom of the people in the alleged Enemy States, but the people of all Nations who were and are still involved. These Declarations of War did not only create a State of War for the Axis Nations, but for every Nation who engaged in it. All Nations entered the conflict with Declarations and legislative accommodations made by their Governments and thus, Martial Law (where deceit is not illegal) was enacted and has never been retracted since – by a  Declaration of Peace.

Including the people of the Axis States who entered a State of War through having war declared upon them, the Allied associated states, whether a State Faction, co-Belligerent, Colony, Minor Affilliate or any other Associated Power, entered this ceaseless State of War also – they were and are; the people of Albania, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, British Raj (India), Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Soviet Union, Tannu Tuva, United States and Yugoslavia… all still under the deceit of Martial Law jurisdiction by open-ended Declarations of War.

To put a legal obstacle in the way of Nations making a Separate Peace with Axis/Enemy States, was to lure other Nation States into becoming signatories to the UN Charter (under the guise of administering international peace), where the Enemy States who opposed the All-lies international world swindle, are arbitrarily identified under Article 53 (2), forever subservient to all signatory States, never to dare oppose them again, especially under occupation and the continuing State of War.
The signatory States became beholden to the dictates of the self-exalted G4, where of course, none other than Joseph Stalin, established the Veto Power for the use of the Quadripartite only, against any and all proposals the international clique find undesirable… And so it continues today – where the world finds itself controlled by an institution – founded by war criminals – who continue to arbitrarily wage war around the world, ignoring their heart-warming UDHR that was served to us on a platter of deceit, which was nothing but token bait for the war-weary people of the world, to entice us into welcoming the dictates of an international tyrannical government, with open arms.

Fourth-Generation Warfare (4GW) that is being actioned against all of us today, is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians.
Some of the relevant elements of 4GW we are subject to, are;

  • Complex and long term
  • Terrorism (as a tactic)
  • A non-national or transnational base – highly decentralized (ie: International Jewry)
  • A direct attack on the enemy’s culture, including genocidal acts against civilians (ie: multiculturalism)
  • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and Lawfare (Draconian Legislation)
  • All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military
  • Occurs in low intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks
  • Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas
  • Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support (ie: International Jewry)
  • Use of insurgency and guerrilla tactics

The conundrum for them; They can’t abolish the Third Reich without abolishing their State of War – but the Reich can be revived, abolish the State of War and establish peace.

We, the People of the World
Declare Peace to Each Other

N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.

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