The BIRTH OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM: Part 1 – Christian Ramallah, King David Hotel & Guerilla Warfare Spreads From Europe to the Orient

Oust the B’rith-ish, Enter the US of Israel,
Good-bye Roosevelt & Declare the ‘State’
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Source: Wikipedia

Ramallah, originally a village founded by Ghassanid Christians in the 1500’s, is today a Palestinian city in the central West Bank, 10 km north of Jerusalem. It serves as the defacto administrative capital of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Ramallah was historically a Christian town, but today Muslims form the majority of the population, with Christians still making up a significant minority.

The city grew dramatically in the 17th and 18th centuries as an agricultural village, attracting more (predominately Christian) residents from around Palestine. In 1700, Yacoub Elias was the first Ramallah native to be ordained by the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. In the early 19th century, the first Greek Melkite Orthodox Christian church was built and the Church of Transfiguration was built in the 1850’s. That same decade, the Latin Church established its presence, becoming the 2nd largest Christian denomination. The Catholic Church established the St. Joseph’s Girl’s School and the Al-Ahliyyah College, run by Rosary Sisters. Later, with the influx of Muslim and Christian refugees, new mosques and churches were built, with both Muslim and Christian Palestinians, peacefully cohabiting together.

In 1836, American biblical scholar Edward Robinson visited the area, noting that the inhabitants were Christian “of the Greek rite.” The village belonged to the Haram al-Sharif (the Temple Mount), Jerusalem, to which it paid an annual tax of 350 Mids of grain.
In 1883, the Palestine Exploration Fund’s Survey of Western Palestine described Ramallah as;

“A large Christian village, of well-built stone houses, standing on a high ridge, with a view on the west extending to the sea. It stands amongst gardens and olive-yards, and has three springs to the south and one on the west; on the north there are three more, within a mile from the village. On the east there is a well. There are rock-cut tombs to the north-east with well-cut entrances, but completely blocked with rubbish. In the village is a Greek church, and on the east a Latin convent and a Protestant schoolhouse, all modern buildings. The village lands are Wakuf, or ecclesiastical property, belonging to the Haram of Jerusalem. About a quarter of the inhabitants are Roman Catholics, the rest Orthodox Greeks.”


Ramallah was declared a modern city in 1908 and had an elected municipality as well as partnership projects with the adjacent town of al-Bireh.

Then things changed… DRAMATICALLY!

balfour-rothschildThe British Army occupied Ramallah in December 1917, one month after the Balfour Declaration, where Lord Arthur Balfour, on behalf of the Foreign Office of the British Government, declared to Lord Walter Rothschild, that their illegitimate, interloping third party authority, had promised Palestine to the Jews… and it remained under British rule until 1948.

The 1936–39 revolt was a nationalist uprising by Palestinians in Mandatory Palestine, against the then 19 year British occupation and exponential Jewish immigration since WWI. It initially began as a general strike, demanding the end to Jewish immigration and the establishment of Palestinian Independence, pursuant to Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations: The wishes of these communities must be a principal consideration” and that the Mandate would only apply until the communities could stand alone, which was incorporated into the Mandate.

british-bomb-ramallah-1938As a center of activities against the occupation and Jewish immigration, the British R.A.F ultimately attacked Ramallah in a controlled aerial bombing campaign, in 1938 – many were killed and injured – while over 3 years of the revolt and all of Palestine in general, tens of thousands of Palestinians lost their lives.

In this short compilation of speeches [2:42], Hitler highlights the hypocrisy of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s demands regarding which nations he claims should be left to their own independence; including nations such as Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Latvia, already invaded and occupied by US’ allies, the Jewish Bolsheviks – who incidentally had already usurped and Revolutionised Russia (both facilitated by Jewish finance), along with Palestine, occupied by the British and Jewish revolutionaries.

The 1936-1939 Revolt spurred the British to host the Arab-Zionist London Conference, seeking to find agreement in governance and to end the British Mandate in Palestine – however, it ended in failure.
In response to this failure, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who was only elected in 1937, introduced the 1939 White Paper, which was approved by the House of Commons (Lower House) May 23, 1939it served as a principle governing policy until 1947.
The Paper was plain in stating that; the framers of the Mandate in which the Balfour Declaration was embodied could not have intended that Palestine should be converted into a Jewish State against the will of the Arab population of the country.

Chamberlain’s Paper called for the then 450,000 Jewish immigrants already in Palestine – the majority who had only settled since WWI – to be restricted to only 75,000 further immigrants over the next 5 years – to maintain demographic percentages – after which, Jewish immigration to Palestine would be for Arab Authorities to decide (Section II).
It also called for the establishment of an Independent Palestinian State within 10 years, while rejecting the idea of creating a Jewish State and, also rejecting the idea of partitioning Palestine – as recommended by the Peel Commission.
Restrictions were put on the rights of Jews to buy land from Arabs (Section III), as a safeguard for Arab cultivators to maintain their existing standard of life and, so a considerable landless Arab population was not created. Further, it promised that ONLY with Palestinian support would Britain allow a Jewish State.


Jewish demonstrations against the White Paper in Jerusalem

This so greatly upset the Jews, that in response, the propaganda of Persecution of Jews in Germany escalated, as purported cause for Palestinians to accommodate Jewish demands to their own land… all while Jewish Leaders in Western lands hindered Jewish immigration to other nations. If they weren’t prepared to go to Palestine, they weren’t fit for anywhere… Palestine only!

balfour-declarationDuring the debates on the Paper in May 1939 (before the ‘Official’ outbreak of WWII in September, 1939), the Jewish Liberal MP, James Rothschild, stated that; for the majority of the Jews who go to Palestine it is a question of migration or of physical extinction.”

Winston Churchill vehemently opposed the Paper and, for what is said to be one of his greatest parliamentary speeches of his career, he sought a lunch meeting that very same day with his long time WWI friend, 2nd time President of the World Zionist Organisation, Dr. Chaim Weizmann (later 1st President of Israel) and Churchill’s Scientific Advisor, Frederick Lindemann (Architect of the Dehousing Paper – the “Extermination Policy” to slaughter 25 million German civilians), for their approval of his speech, before oration.

Churchill’s speech pressed upon the White Paper being contradictory to the character and so-called “British” promise of the Balfour Declaration – which was actually authored by the Jewish, First Lord of the Admiralty, Leopold Amery (aka, Mauritz Amery). He ignored the fact that [allegedly] British politicians, being all so balanced in their international diplomatic dealings – or rather playing both sides – had also made a similar promise to the Arabs, via the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, in exchange to help defeat the Ottoman Empire during WWI – essentially to balkanise the region – even sending Thomas E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) to establish the Arab Legion and incite the 1916 Revolt. The intentional reneging of the Arab promise, was exposed by the Secret Sykes-Picot Agreement.
Churchill also ignored that the idolised Balfour Declaration did not propose to make Palestinians a threatened minority in their own nation, only promised the Jews a ‘Homeland’ – not a Sovereign Jewish State – as well as ignoring the fact that the Balfour Letter was neither a Treaty or a Bill that passed through the House’ of Commons or Lords… it was simply just a ‘Declaration’ agreed to by Cabinet Members amongst themselves – which was initially absent of the full force of U.K. Law, especially in international matters… until the language of the Declaration was incorporated into the Mandate.

The Arab Higher Committee argued that the independence of a future Palestinian Government would prove to be illusory, as the Jews would prevent its functioning by withholding participation and compliance. This predictive assessment has since proven to be true, in regard to all enactments and authoritative Resolutions or Legislation, which have stood in opposition to policies, territorial aims and actions of Jews and, the later State of Israel.


London, 1933, at the brink of International Jewry’s world-wide Economic Warfare against Germany and their Persecution Propaganda, which was denounced by German-Jews

hitler-and-chamberlain-shadowChamberlain, the only All-lied leader to ever consider or negotiate any of Hitler’s Peace Proposals (at least on the issue of ethnic Germans annexed to the post-WWI borders of the new Czechoslovakia, by the Versialles Dictat), was, after months of Appeasement Defamation from his own colleagues, railroaded in Parliament on May 7, 1940.
After 2 days of Parliamentary Debates, in what can be better described as an internal diplomatic political coup, Neville Chamberlain stepped down as Prime Minister. The war-mongering Winston Churchill, who was not duly elected by the British people, was immediately appointed as the British [war-time] Prime Minister – which was announced the following day.
That following day, May 10, 1940, coincidentally, just happened to be the day the Phony War ended and British Blenheim Bombers of the No. 15 Squadron bombed the Rotterdam airport in Holland. Later that day, bombers from the British 110 Squadron bombed German vessels near the Hague and continued against Germany’s legally contracted oil interests… the day when WWII actually began.
The Persecution Propaganda also went into overdrive, as another excuse for persistent war and an alternate Jewish Homeland in Palestine.



Illegal immigrants and “Survivors” wielding German Karabiner 98k rifles, now trained members of The Irgun

During and after WWII, in defiance of the restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine set out by the White Paper, underground Jewish Terrorist organisations such as – but not limited to – the Irgun, Haganah, Betar, Jewish Brigade, the Palmach and the most formidable Lehi (better-known as The Stern Gang; alligned to Stalin’s Bolshevism), Mossad LeAliya-Bet and Bricha, continued to smuggle Jewish immigrant Guerilla’s into Palestine and, in defiance of a later Arms Embargo imposed by the British, U.S. and the U.N., found other avenues to smuggle Polish, French, stolen Czechoslovakian shipments of arms (originally German army issue, mostly “captured” by the Jewish Bolsheviks) meant for Syria and the Arab Liberation Army (some 200 German MG-34 machine guns, 4,500 German P-18 rifles and 50,400,000 rounds of ammunition – a vast shipment the Yishuv were somehow privy to), stolen British arms, stolen U.S. arms and ultimately, gifted German arms.


Terrorist organisations, now turned IDF, women recruits train with German Karabiner 98k rifles, 1954.

With Jewish volunteers, Partisans, [alleged] ‘Holocaust Survivors’, [U.S. funded] European DP’s and the Jewish Revolutionaries who swarmed central Europe, now flooding Palestine, the underground terrorist organisations facilitated paramilitary tactical training for the illegal immigrant Guerilla’s – that is, those who had by-passed their [US and UNRRA funded] paramilitary training at the DP Camps, in Europe. This was overseen by the Jewish Agency (originally the Palestine Office of the WZO), which also coordinated some of the Aliyah Bet (Hebrew code-name given to illegal immigrants, by Jews) for more than 150,000 illegal immigrants (later 3 million), organising a total of 141 smuggling operations, on 116 different ships.


SS Patria sinking in the Haifa Port

Many ships were intercepted and illegals were taken to British Concentration Camps in Cyprus, where many escapes were organised to smuggle Jewish Guerilla’s out via tunnel systems, who were then put on small boats in the middle of the night, to Palestine.
One of the ship intercepts transferred 1,800 illegal Jewish immigrants to the SS Patria for deportation to the Mauritius Camp. The Haganah terrorists bombed and sank the exiting ship in the Haifa Harbour, killing 267 people (217 Jews – 50 British) and injuring 172 – many others unaccounted for were claimed to have swam to shore, self-migrated and were harboured by other illegals already in Palestine, with the help of the Irgun. The remaining illegal Jewish immigrants were sent to the British Atlit Concentration Camp in Palestine, but out of ‘Official Sympathy’, were permitted to enter Palestine a few months later, instead of deportation to Cyprus. Thus, the terrorist bombing was a success in the push for more illegal immigrant Jews in Palestine and bringing continued international political attention to the region.

“We have always been ready to sacrifice a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership. This was the plan of the Jews who instigated WW II. Some Jews were sacrificed so that the persecution propaganda could continue. It is a small price and there is nothing wrong with that.”
∼ Harold Rosenthal, 1976 – The Rosenthal Document – The Hidden Tyranny.


Entrance to the Atlit Camp

Upon entry to the Atlit camp – which was surrounded by barbed wire and watch-towers; the men were sent to one side, women to the other, they were sprayed with DDT (for treatment against Typhus ridden lice brought from war-torn Europe), then ordered to undress and enter the showers – as was international protocol, pursuant to the 1929 Geneva ConventionsArticle 13, for prisoners in camps.

            * History Should Not Be Judged By Double Standards! *  

 These Terrorist Organisations eventually amalgamated into the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), absorbing predominantly Haganah, Palmach, Lehi and Irgun terrorists – who continue the same operations today – however, now with an officially recognised international status and advanced weaponry.


Illegal immigrant Guerilla’s, “Holocaust Survivors” and DP’s in training as new members of the Haganah Terrorist Organisation, at one of the Jewish Agency’s transitional “Absorption Centers” in Palestine

After the war, with Jewish Terrorist elements disseminating throughout Palestine, hostilities increased toward both Christian and Muslim Arab natives and British Forces. Wide spread terrorist attacks and massacres became more prevalent, including (but certainly not limited to) the Baldat al-Shaikh Massacre, the Yehida Massacre, the British CID Headquarters bombing, the Deir Yassin Massacre, the British Officers Club Bombing & Raid, the Haifa Oil Refinery Massacre, the Christian Semiramis Hotel Bombing, the Al Khisas Massacre, the Acre Prison Break, the Dahmash Mosque Massacre, the Naser al-Din Massacre, the RAF Qastina Air Force Base attack and many, many more.
In the same manner as Jewish Guerilla’s via Stalin’s Order #0428, the Jewish Brigade and the German-speaking Jews of the S.I.G. (Special Interrogation Group) carried out atrocity and other operations in British and German uniforms, most of these attacks were carried out by Jewish terrorists who were, self-admittedly, disguised in either Arab attire, or British uniforms.

Self-defined ‘Terrorist Group’ the Lehi, along with Haganah, Irgun and others, had avowed its main aim was to evict the British authorities from Palestine by resort to force, allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish State – a “new totalitarian Hebrew republic.”

The most infamous Terrorist Attack recognised by western nations, is the 1946 Bombing of the King David Hotel… the British administrative headquarters for Palestine.


British Mandate Administrative Headquarters, The King David Hotel – Before and After the Irgun Bombing

King David Hotel Bombing

The King David Hotel Bombing was a terrorist attack officially carried out by the Irgun, July 22, 1946, on the British Administrative Headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, accommodating the central offices for the British Mandatory authorities; principally the Secretariat of the Government, the Headquarters of the British Armed Forces for Palestine and Transjordan and, a branch of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the British Police.


Wanted Terrorist, Haganah Chief of General Headquarters, Moshe Sneh, (also head of the Jewish Agency’s illegal immigration and later elected Member to the first Knesset in 1949), sent to Wanted Terrorist, former head of the Polish Betar and Commander of the Irgun, Menachem Begin ( later 6th Prime Minister of Israel), instructions to “carry out the operation on the chick (code for the King David Hotel). There were repeated delays due to changing political situations, but the plan was eventually finalised between Irgun Chief of Operations, Amichai Paglin (later, Counter-Terrorism Advisor for Prime Minister Begin) and Commander of the Palmach, Itzhak Sadeh (former Commander of the Haganah, Founder of the elite commando arm – the FOSH and, Founder of the IDF)…
91 people of various nationalities and religions were killed and 46 injured.


Disguised as Arab workmen and as hotel waiters, members of the Irgun planted 770 lb of explosives in the basement of the main building of the hotel. The resulting explosion caused the disintegration of the entire western half of the southern wing of the hotel. Some of the inflicted deaths and injuries occurred on the road outside the hotel and in adjacent buildings.


In the following short film [3:27], Menachem Begin (Prime Minister at the time), still admitted to the “Claim of Responsibility” for the Terrorist Attack, however, he declares innocence because; quote, “We did not imagine that even one life would be lost” due to alleged telephone warnings of the impending attack – a claim repudiated by Chief Secretary of the Mandate Government, John Shaw.
In an echo of today’s Israeli government, who blame their slaughter of Palestinian children on the Palestinians themselves – for purportedly putting the children in the firing-line of Israeli missiles and not heeding warnings in alleged leaflet drops – Begin blames the deaths on the British for ignoring the [alleged] telephone warnings. These ridiculous misdirecting claims, contradict the fact that after planting the main bomb in the Hotel basement, the Irgun terrorists quickly slipped out and detonated a small explosive in the street outside the hotels southern wing; which Begin asserts, was to keep passers-by away from the area.
The British Police report written in the aftermath of the bombing made it quite plain; that the timing of the bombing (12:37pm) coincided with more lunch-time diners filling the bars and restaurants of the hotel and, that the first smaller explosion also resulted in a higher death toll, because it caused spectators from the hotel to gather in its south-west corner, directly over the bomb planted in its basement. The first explosion also caused the presence in the hotel of many emergency personnel and injured Arabs, who were brought into the Secretariat after their bus full of passengers, which had been passing, was blasted onto its side.
This double delayed bombing tactic, is claimed by Israeli Officials today, as a Signature tactic of Al-Qaeda (which does not exist in reality) and other allegedly Islamic terrorist organisations, to move people in tactical positions for the second bomb, to claim more lives.

The following short documentary [8:56] – although holding a narration slanted by the mainstream view of the Israeli government and, restricted in content – exposes the pride, mind-set, drive and agenda of these Terrorists as they reflect on their extremism of the time. Men who, incidentally, enjoy a free citizenship – or rather impunity – in the jurisdiction of the illegal, Jewish occupational State of Israel… protected from extradition or any accountability for their Crimes Against Humanity.


“It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish State in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university of budding crooks.”
Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

This “Birth of International Terrorism” as a world media event – the origins by the creators of “Claiming Responsibility” – choreographed to attract international attention; is recounted by Begin’s personal Secretary and Chief of Staff, Yechiel Kadishai (member of Terrorist Organisations; Betar and Irgun – arms and immigrant smuggler), as a proud era of their terrorism in using “brutal force in order to to get rid of them” as these atheist-Jews wanted a Jewish State immediately and could not wait for a Jewish Messiah… not believing in g-d, but believing he gave them Palestine?
Irgun Commander, Shrage Elis (also locally commended for his part in the assault on British Intelligence offices), says that it was important, if they succeeded, that the “whole world sees” that they can fight the British.
King David Hotel bomber, Izahk Zadok (alias), quite happily and proudly recounts – on location – his role in placing the bombs. Smiling, he says, “I was dressed like an Arab… like you know, Arafat.”

Although claiming that the King David Hotel bombing was purely in response to Operation Agatha (the British operation which saw the arrest of thousands of Jews, seized arms caches and occupied the Jewish Agency building, from which many evidential documents of the Agency’s involvement with Haganah, Irgun, Palmach and Lehi operations were obtained, ultimately filed – and bombed – at the King David CID offices), Menachim Begin had actually devised a strategy of leverage he believed would force the British out. He proposed a series of guerrilla and terrorist attacks that would humiliate the British and damage their prestige, forcing the British to resort to repressive measures, which in turn would alienate the Yishuv (pre-state Jewish residents)… a similar strategy as used in Germany.
Begin relied on the international Jewish media eagerly reporting the action, which he referred to as; “turning Palestine into a glass house” with the world looking in. This international attention focusing more and more on British repression, would, along with the Holocaust Survivor rhetoric, create international sympathy for the Jewish cause, resulting in political pressure on Britain (again, as in Germany). Ultimately, the British would be forced to choose between continued repression or withdrawal and Begin was certain that in the end, the British would leave.

begin-peace-prize-speech-shadowProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – 7:6  (pg 16)

“In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments o f the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us…”

Menachem Begin with several Irgun Terrorist Recruits, 1948.

The plan was put into action and began with bombing the British Immigration Departments in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. Next, the Income Tax Offices in those three cities were bombed, followed by a series of attacks on police stations in which many policemen were killed and weapons stolen. Meanwhile, the Lehi joined in with a series of shooting attacks on policemen too, with their operations being funded by Jewish merchants and insurance scams in the diamond industry (Irene Zisblatt was undoubtedly involved ∼ HT note).


Warwick Daily News, December 28, 1946 – Source: National Library of Australia

terrorists-make-fake-money-jewsLord Moyne, the British Resident Minister in the Middle East, who restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine, met with Winston Churchill October 26, 1944. He was surprised at the Prime Ministers changed attitude toward opening the flood-gates to Jewish immigration to Palestine. Chaim Weizmann, future President of Israel, had an urgent meeting with Churchill November 4, 1944 and Lord Moyne was assassinated by Lehi terrorists 2 days later.

Former head of Betar Poland, escaped convict and Lehi leader, Yitzhak Shamir (later, 7th Prime Minister of Israel), ordered Lord Moyne’s assassination. Prior to his Prime Minister-ship, Shamir was a leading Mossad operative, who directed Operation Damocles; the assassinations of German scientists working on the Egyptian missile program.
Commander of a Lehi fighting unit, Yaakov Banai (Betar member and founding member of the Polish Irgun; armed by the Polish government from 1935), said one of the purposes for Lord Moyne’s assassination was, “the action had to capture a place in the world press and lead political thoughts.”

bernadotte-shadowAlso assassinated by the Lehi was United Nations Mediator for Palestine, Folke Bernadotte, who proposed such settlements as: Full protection of religious and minority rightsGuarantees for Holy Places, religious buildings and sites; and Return of residents, displaced by the conflict. He was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

postage-stampsAlthough the Lehi was proclaimed to be absorbed into the IDF upon the Declaration of the State of Israel in May 1948, therefore disbanded, the Stern Gang terrorists assassinated Mr Bernadotte in September that same year. Titled as IDF soldiers, or Lehi terrorists, is apparently different according to Israeli international political linguistics… regardless, with either title, Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir (their former Lehi Commander) exhumed back to Israel the bodies of the assassins; Eliyahu Bet-Zuri (who also planned to assassinate Winston Churchill) and Eliyahu Hakim. Both were laid in the Jerusalem Hall of Heroism in a state funeral with full military honours, attended by Israeli dignitaries at annual commemorations. They were later exalted – along with other terrorists – by monuments, plaques and national stamps bearing their images.




Auschwitz internal Courthouse

The Third Geneva Convention clarifies that the status of a detainee may be determined by a “competent tribunal.” Until such time, he or she must be treated as a Prisoner of War. After a tribunal has determined that a detainee is an Unlawful Combatant, the “detaining power” may choose to give the Unlawful Combatant the rights and privileges of a prisoner of war as described in the Third Geneva Convention, but the detaining power is under no obligation to do so.

german-soldier-dismembered-and-disembowelled-by-guerilla-partisans-in-greeceAn Unlawful Combatant who directly engages in armed conflict, in violation of the Laws of War, may be detained and prosecuted under the domestic law of the detaining power for such criminal action.

Pictured Right: German Soldier dismembered and disemboweled by Guerilla Partisans, in Greece.



Palmach Strike-Force

The summer of 1945, at the end of WWII, the British were not changing their policy on immigration, or on creating a Jewish State. The Persecution Propaganda also failed to have evoked the world to insist on opening the gates of Palestine to solve the historical Jewish Question (Problem) and, considering the source of that alleged persecution had been defeated, it was no longer an excuse for the need for Jews to leave Europe. So the Holocaust rhetoric and the push for Official Sympathy went into overdrive. Public opinion, steered by Jewish publications, shifted decisively against alleged British repression, especially in the west.


‘British Board of Deputies Condemns Repression in Palestine’ – Source: National Library of Australia


Repressed “Survivors”

The authorities of the Jewish Agency, Weizmann, Sharett and Ben-Gurion, then sent feelers out to the Irgun and Lehi to discuss an alliance. The end result was the Jewish Resistance Movement, established in October 1945, a framework under which the combined Haganah, Irgun, Palmach and Lehi, launched a further series of more intense coordinated anti-British operations… accompanied by more and more migrant fighters, resulting in a bigger Terrorist force, attracting more political attention.

 vast-arms-caches-discovered-jewish-preparations-copyThe Advertiser, Adelaide, July 4, 1946. Front Page.
Excerpt: “Practically every able-bodied Jew in Palestine belonged to the Haganah Organisation…”
National Library of Australia 


The British Army had, for months, wanted to take military action against the Zionist underground terrorist organisations, but had been surprisingly and frustratingly blocked by High Commissioner Alan Cunningham. Cunningham was also opposed to action being taken against the [arm of the World Zionist Organisation] the Jewish Agency, whose Chairman, David Ben-Gurion, was later the 1st Prime Minister of Israel (also Executive Head of the WZO in 1946 and later implicated in the
assassination of JFK over Israels nuclear plant at Dimona).
night-of-bridges-train-1946The decision to action changed when on June 16, 1946, saw the “Night of the Bridges,” when the Palmach blew up eight road and rail bridges, disabling transport routes linking Palestine to neighbouring countries and, on June 17, the Lehi attacked railway workshops in Haifa. Afterwards, the Irgun kidnapped six British officers.

Operation Agatha was the response in order to “end the state of anarchy” that was escalating in Palestine since the Jewish influx.
Up to 25,000 British Security Forces conducted operations all over Palestine and raided the Jewish Agency building: 2,675 Jews were arrested (UK Hansard Records), including, Moshe Sharett (later, 2nd Prime Minister of Israel).


Right: Future Prime Minister of Israel, Moche Sharett, along with other members of the Jewish Agency, arrested and detained at the Latrun camp in Palestine.


Article Left: Cairns Post, 30th December, page 1 – Source: National Library of Australia
Article Right: Kalgoolie Miner, 19th April, page 5.
Source: National Library of Australia

Just at Yagur alone, more than 300 rifles, some 100 2-inch mortars, more than 400,000 bullets, some 5,000 grenades and 78 revolvers were seized. All the men of Yagur were arrested, road-blocks maintained and curfews were imposed. According to Wikipedia, in protest, the women ripped their clothing off and showed their [alleged] Work-Camp Tattoos, bewailing, “this is what the Nazi’s did.” Reportedly, in response, several British troops shouted “Heil Hitler” as they continued to conduct the searches.


July 24, 1946, the Statement of Information Relating to Acts of Violence was published (2 days after the King David Hotel Bombing, but was prepared prior), which provided evidence on the Jewish insurgency in Palestine, including evidence that the Jewish Agency had in fact been involved with and coordinating with the terrorist groups. The pinnacle piece of evidence provided, was that authoritative telegrams sent from London to Palestine, by Chaim Weizmann (President of the World Zionist Organisation and 1st President of Israel) had been intercepted, identifying him as the operative under the code-name, Hayyim(UK Hansard records).

It is now officially claimed, that after the bombing of the King David Hotel, the Haganah, from then on, would rarely mount attacks against British forces and focused primarily on the Aliyah Bet-illegal immigrant smuggling. Although with the supposed amalgamation of the Terrorist Organisations under the ‘Jewish Resistance Movement’ and the wave of emigres; member activities, contacts and loyalties were difficult to determine.


Hanged and boobie-trapped bodies of British Sergeants Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice

The Irgun and Lehi, quite proudly, continued waging full-scale insurgency attacks against the British, including (but not limited to), the Night of the Beatings, the Acre Prison break and the Sergeants affair and, together with the Haganah’s (and others) illegal immigration smuggling operations from Europe, it was exponentially increasing the influx of terrorist operatives within Palestine. After years of civil war due to the Balfour Declaration and almost 6 years of world war fighting on behalf of International Jewry (who Declared War on Germany in 1933 and 1938), now fighting against Jewry in Palestine, forced a large commitment of war-weary British forces to the country, which was gradually sapping British financial war credits, coincidentally, controlled by Jewish Financiers in London.


Palestine Police WANTED and REWARD Ad for Terrorists who orchestrated and escaped during the Acre Prison Break, disguised in British uniforms and Arab civilian attire. The murder of the two British Sergeants, was in reprisal for the apprehended escapees.

In September 1947, the British cabinet voted to leave Palestine and in November of that year, the United Nations imposed a Resolution to Partition the country between Arabs and Jews… which, as predicted by the Arab Higher Committee in 1938, would be ignored by Jews.


Pax Brittanica falls and passes the batten to Pax Americana, to take the role on behalf of International Jewry – an incremental phase toward Pax Judaica… discovered in Part Two.


March 12, 1948: The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine reported that;
“present indications point to the inescapable conclusion that when the [British] mandate is terminated, Palestine is likely to suffer severely from administrative chaos and widespread strife and bloodshed.”

(List of Massacres against Palestinians: 1947 – 1994)

(List of UN Resolutions on Israel regarding Palestine – more than all other Nations combined)
(UN Resolution 3379, Nov 10, 1975, recalls UN/Res 77 “the racist regime in occupied Palestine” and “condemned zionism as a threat to world peace and security” determining “zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

courier-headline-3000-jews-attacking-arabs Courier Mail, April 26, 1948. Source: National Library of Australia

For the background as to why and how the International Jew manipulated both WWI and WWII, please listen to the speech given by Benjamin H. Freedman at the Willard Hotel, 1961, which gives an overview of the machinations behind both wars and, the establishment of the occupying State of Impunity – the Jewish State.

Mr Freedman, who was born into Judaism and later converted to Catholicism, was a journalist, an international diplomat, political peace activist, Founder of the international League for Peace with Justice in Palestine – 1946, an associate of assassinated United States President, John F. Kennedy, writer for the ‘Common Sense’ periodical and attendee at the conference for the WWI, Versailles Peace Treaty in France, 1919.

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N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.

Further Resources:

1938 News Report: Financial War on “Anti-Semitic States” for “Persecuting Jewish FINANCIERS” not Civilian Jews

The Worker, the official organ of the Australian Labour Party in Queensland and regular periodical for various amalgamated Labour Unions throughout Australia (see here), reported to the world on January 4, 1938, that “International Jewry” was orchestrating a heavily funded financial war, in addition to their previous Declaration of War‘ – being the continuance of the 1933 world-wide Economic Boycott against Germany.

financiers_shadow-copyINTERNATIONAL JEWRY – Financial War Planned Against Anti-Semitic States – £500,000,000 Fund to be Raised

‘Jewry, faced with persecution in Poland, Rumania, Germany, Austria, and elsewhere, intends to hit back,’ says the ‘Sunday Chronicle,’ according to a cable dated London, January 2.

‘The battle will be fought on the world’s stock exchanges. Most of the anti-Semitic States are burdened with debts, and they may find their very existence threatened.

‘The leaders of international Jewry will meet in a village near Geneva this week to plan a fund of £500,000,000 with which to fight the persecutors of Jewish financiers in all parts of the world.

‘No difficulty is expected in raising such a fund, which, combined with a trade boycott, will enable the launching a counter-offensive, in which the Jewish persecutors may be defeated.”

Source: National Library of Australia 

For over eight decades, the world has been led to believe that from the outset of 1933, the Germans “Persecuted” everyday German-Jews for simply being Jewish, even though German-Jews of the time, denounced this international propaganda. By International Jewry’s own admission, it was the self proclaimed “Jewish FINANCIERS” who – incidentally had their parasitic usurious positions outlawed by Germany’s Economic Reform –  were the ones being singled out and they did in fact feel the need to differentiate themselves from everyday Jews with this claim, as to who was supposedly being persecuted.
The targeting of “Jewish Financiers” was a well founded claim, as NSDAP policies and reform saw the cleansing of Communists in governmental positions and immoral financial and trading practices removed from the Reich – it just so happened that around 98% of these Communists and unscrupulous Speculators, were in fact Jewish. If these communist elements within Germany were Spanish or Chinese, their resulting fate would have been the same and it would have been due to their corrupt practices which greatly effected German society, not their ethnicity – as the other 2% of non-Jewish communists who also lost their positions, attests to.
However, whether being forbidden to continue economic rape against a nation and its people, could be considered “Persecution” is another question. Perhaps the reader may want to consider what life is like as the impoverished, starving and economically raped people, opposed to those minority tycoons who had their astronomical revenues through economic debt slavery reduced, in order to identify who was actually being persecuted?


judea-declares-war_shadowThis same ‘International Jewry’ Declared War on Germany in 1933, with the same ‘Jewish Persecution’ propaganda as the excuse… but what had actually occurred at this point in 1933? The German-Jews denounced the international Persecution Propaganda in defense of the honour of Germany, the Nuremberg Laws weren’t enacted until late 1935, even many German-Jews who lived under two flags at that later time, saw them as reasonable and did not suffer any deprivations with a new National status and, the Krystallnacht False-Flag – which resulted in the internment of many German-Jews – did not occur until November 1938 (10 months after the aforementioned half a billion Jewish financial war plan)… so what prompted ‘International Jewry’ to Declare War on Germany in 1933?

The duly elected Adolf Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933 and less than two months later, Judea Declared Economic Warfare on Germany, March 24, 1933 – coincidentally, only one day after Hitler received Plenary Power, via the passing of the Enabling Act – the Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich (“Law to Remedy the Distress of People and Reich”). The Law to Remedy Distress, resulted in communist non-effect in the Reichstag, the abolition of over 30 useless, divide and conflicting parties that had destroyed Germany for the previous 14 years. The fact that it was International Jewry who responded to the abolition of communist power within Germany, by economic warfare, also attests to who the communists were/are.
(Hitler’s Reichstag speech, March 23, 1933)
International Jewry’s Declaration of Economic Warfare on Germany, was no idle threat upon a suffering people, who were reliant on their export in order for the people just to eat. The NSDAP came into possession of an impoverished nation and starving people, had virtually no army, the country was broke, enslaved by impossible WWI reparations and more than 30% of the people were suffering unemployment… all while a privileged few were living the high life at the expense of the starving and poverty stricken majority.
Germany had nothing in its hands to be a threat to anyone (except communist and financier positions) and with the monumental national problems within the country, the priorities of what deserved attention to revive the German Nation, did not revolve around putting yellow star stickers on less than one half of 1% of the population, as some inane attempt at national remedy.
However, what the NSDAP did possess, was a well prepared plan for economic reform and a 25 Point Program for the revival of the Nation, a program which was pivotal on the embodiment of the National Socialists Economic Reform. A program that would have been hindered if the communist votes were allowed to remain in the Reichstag.

The NSDAP’s Economic Reform for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money, was widely known in economist circles from 1919 and the 25 Point Program was publicly announced on February 24, 1920… It was this well considered and developed plan, which the NSDAP absolutely intended to implement, is what the self proclaimed “Jewish” Financiers anticipated and knew to be a threat to their corrupt, yet powerful positions. These international financial Tycoons and war profiteers, obviously felt a pre-emptive Counter-Offensive was in order!
A look at a few of the 25 Points will highlight who would benefit from them and who would detest these economic principles, claiming the abolition of their national theft as Persecution;

6. The right to vote on the State’s government and legislation shall be enjoyed by the citizens of the State alone. We demand therefore that all official appointments, of whatever kind, whether in the Reich, in the states or in the smaller localities, shall be held by none but citizens.

11. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.

The Breaking of the Slavery of Interest

12. In view of the enormous sacrifices of life and property demanded of a nation by any war, personal enrichment from war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand therefore the ruthless confiscation of all war profits.

13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts).

14. We demand profit-sharing in large industrial enterprises.

15. We demand the extensive development of insurance for old age.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, the immediate communalizing of big department stores, and their lease at a cheap rate to small traders, and that the utmost consideration shall be shown to all small traders in the placing of State and municiple orders.

17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the expropriation of land for communal purposes without compensation; the abolition of ground rent, and the prohibition of all speculation in land. *

18. We demand the ruthless prosecution of those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Common criminals, usurers, profiteers, etc., must be punished with death, whatever their creed or race.

Point 6: Opposed to being considered pro-German, shockingly enough in Germany itself, it has been ridiculed as discriminatory toward Jews; but in Western Nations, is it not Constitutional that Prime Ministers and Presidents be citizens of the nations they purport to lead, in attempt to guarantee national loyalties? Further, for example, would it be considered a moral political principle for U.S. citizens to flood Chinese Parliamentary positions, to dictate how the Chinese people will be administered in their own land, by American ideological legislative enactments? Would it be ethical to allow an ethnicity of less than 0.5% of any population, to decide how another ethnicity of +99% will be administered in their own land? Is that not contradictory to the Universal Right of Self-Determination, where Peoples have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and political policies, without interference?


Point 18
may seem excessively harsh to those who are absent of understanding in exactly how injurious the unscrupulous practices of usury and speculator profiteering is to the people… Usury, or rather issuing debt (via IOU) with attached interest, is not the exchange or loan of money… it is the demand of payment from one party (the Creditor) – for which they gave or forfeited absolutely nothing – from another party (the Debtor), who is required to extract affluence to service the greater interest first, before even reducing the principle, which is only based on an inequivalent, minimal fraction of a reserved asset (Fractional Reserve Lending). When this is done on a large scale, on a national scale, in the Millions and Billions, it is nothing but economic rape and enslavement of a nations people, who are ordered to exchange their time, their effort, their labour, their creativity, ingenuity, productivity and their time away from family, to give all the fruit of their efforts to economic racketeers, to self-licensed loan sharks, who gave them nothing in the first instance except an accounting entry of debt – a flick of a pen… this is precisely what Point 11 of the NSDAP’s program is referring to- “The abolition of incomes unearned by work.”
This infinite debt system, of interest on interest (demand for everything in exchange for nothing) is the ONLY CAUSE of endless inflation; and the worlds so-called Leaders, who contract these International Financiers, through promise to service their demand, do not produce anything. So where do the worlds so-called Leaders (middle-men) extract payment from to serve the International Financiers? Of course the people, the producers, who are the only source of affluence from which it can be extracted and, as the effect of interest on interest continually increases the debt demand, newly invented and increased taxes, fees, levy’s, tolls, fines, schemes and the general increase in the cost of everything, is the only way the Leaders can create increasing revenue to meet the International Financiers interest-debt demands… thus, continually reducing the value of the currency.
Is it fair or ethical to get something for nothing, through legalised theft demand? What about getting everything for nothing? Who in their right mind would think anyone who has risked nothing and given nothing, has the right to demand from another almost all the benefits of everything they’ve produced and created? What could benefit the people if all the fruits of their efforts were reinvested back into the peoples interests (by the billions), opposed to continually flowing into the pockets of the debt creators, the self-licensed loan sharks, who offered nothing?
This is a crime, a theft, so massive, so incomprehensible against all people, depriving them of the reward of their efforts and in most cases, depriving them of their most basic needs to live…
This is a crime against humanity!
So is Point 18 excessively harsh considering the scale of theft, deprivation, poverty imposition and enslavement? Is it Persecution to be denied the legal ability to continue wide-spread economic enslavement and theft, from the many to the few? Is it Persecution to out-law individuals from being able to conduct crimes against humanity under the threat of punishment? This writer thinks not! The reader can come to their own conclusion.

Anti-Semitic States…?

The Worker reports that “Anti-Semitic States” [are burdened with debt], colloquially suggesting that a national, political institution (a ‘State’), holds a racial ideological bias, on behalf of all individuals under that political system, which would include Jews themselves? Whether today’s Jews of European origin are in fact Semites, is for a different discussion. In any event, the clarification of what pertains to an ‘Anti-Semitic State’ by the self-proclaimed Jewish Financiers, continues to be pursuant to economic policies and who has control over a nations policies.

Through the vote of the German people, Hitler won against the Communists in Germany, he threw out the Bankers and their fraudulent credit systems from the nation, created a new carefully controlled currency tied directly to labour (not speculative gold), developed immense public works programs for employment and installed tight controls on prices and wages – income for the German people which he increased by 10.9%. Stock markets were also controlled to keep prices from being manipulated by international market speculators; as such, Germany’s Reichsmark could not be speculated against on the international markets and Germany’s sovereign currency was not part of the Jewish financiers international usury debt system.
Mussolini’s Italy worked similarly with its own economic system, including expropriatory tax on war profits and large scale public works, thus, was also considered an ‘Anti-Semitic State’ with Japan later following a close third.

As a ‘State’ in the political spectrum, is generally applied to policies which implementations are mostly related to economics; and as the self described Jewish Financiers claim it was they who were being Persecuted by said State, it would appear, by their own definition, that an “Anti-Semitic State” is one which does not give the Jewish Financiers free reign over their nations people and productivity, nor legislative capacity for their economic debt slavery systems.
A nation not enslaved by usurious debt to the International Jewish Financiers, thus not under its control, is somehow Anti-Semitic?

Burdened with debt…?

great-gold-heist_1933_shadowWas it not all nations who were involved in WWI that were burdened with [war] debt? Was it not this war debt that spurred the manipulated Wall Street Stock Market Crash of 1929, which grew into the Great Depression of longevity through to the late 1930’s? Who benefited from this great suffering of peoples from all nations around the world, buying up everything for a penny on the pound? Who used this manipulated scenario to steal all the Americans gold, with the excuse it needed to be confiscated to the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve in order to revive from the Great Depression – facilitated by FDR’s Executive Order 6102, better-known as the Great Gold Heist of 1933? Who were the War Profiteers, Market Speculators and International Financiers that could have foreseen and benefited from such a war and resulting international economic catastrophe? The reader can perhaps speculate themselves to find that answer?

It was many of the western nations which were also still laden with WWI debt and could not pay it at the time (and thanks to interest on interest, are still paying for it today). But unlike Jewish Bolshevik Russia, following the so-called Russian Revolution (rather, Jewish usurpation of Russia) – conveniently, a mid-WWI coup d’etat – National Socialist Germany did not abandon the WWI debt and was making good on the payments. The Jewish Bolshevik USSR – for some reason(?) – wasn’t subjected to a credit recall like other nations? Special nepotistic favouritism by the creditors perhaps? However, Germany did not have gold reserves, they were stolen by the All-lies during WWI, but somehow, after total blame for WWI, accompanied by the astronomical reparation payments (“Tribute Madness” as Hitler referred), civil war, the Great Depression which the entire world was suffering and the greatest hyperinflation a nation has ever been subjected to in history, began to thrive economically and prosper above all other nations; and unemployment was near eradicated from over 30.1% in 1932 to 2.1% by the end of 1935, regardless of the WWI debt.
Was this just some economic accident, a miracle, perhaps an unexplainable ‘Economic Miracle’ as the victor economists would have us believe? Or was it simply ‘Economic Logic’ facilitated by a well considered and planned Economic Reform?

With the differing national economic formats, it might beg the question also; why couldn’t the Allies make good on their WWI payments? Who was it they were actually indebted to – therefore controlled by? Were these industrious nations not able to manage their own currencies and productivity, to find a way to feed their people? Despite the invisible debt, did they not have vast resources and the physical capacity to at least grow food, thereby creating work to produce it?
Of course, if external entities control a nations currency, control the gold reserves (or confiscated it), therefore controlling the value of currency based on the fractional gold standard (which in-turn makes it a commodity of speculation in itself), then these entities which have issued the debt (IOU imposition) dictate where any revenue or surplus – if any – will be directed… Obviously the International financiers, in the interests of humanity and good will, did not (and will not) find it in their hearts to forego this debt created from a flick of a pen, to direct future revenue back to the people. The debtors, being beholden to the currency creators, the creditors, the self-licensed loan sharks, then offer the nations public assets to service the unpaid debt (credit recall), thus making the International Financiers the owners of those countries National productivity, manufacturing, infrastructure and utilities etc. (commonly disguised as Privatisation) who in-turn, ultimately charge the people for the use of their own public services they built… Unfortunately, post-privatisation, the people no longer receive the affluence generated from their own collective productivity, as the former public services become private businesses for profit. Further, the International Financiers still demand the interest on interest be paid! But where would that revenue come from once the people lose the benefits of their privatised public services and works? Inflation and an endless creation of new and increased taxes. This is total theft and wealth extraction out of all nations who submit to the demands of the International Financiers, who are nothing but large scale Counterfeiters = Criminals!
I refer to Point 18 of the NSDAP Program.

So who would these external elements of fiat currency (debt) issuance be? Could it be the same self-described Jewish Financiers? Why would these Jewish Financiers, if not International Financiers, be interested in foreign states who have taken steps to implement their own sovereign economic systems, having to describe them as “Anti-Semitic States”?
In reflection of the economically crippled world of the day, the majority of nations had the suffering yolk of international war debt and results of commodity speculation around their necks, thus controlled and owned… but the few nations that broke free from this economic enslavement system, giving back to their own people, whilst still paying the debt, were the ones the world was told, were an evil threat to humanity, had war declared upon them and were labelled Anti-Semitic.
“Anti-Semitic States burdened with debt”? No, States not under Jewish Financier control!

“In the exchange of telegrams from the 1939 -1940 period,
the British were ready to negotiate peace, if
Germany returned to the Gold Standard.”
∼ Captain J. Creagh-Scott, 1947


Jewry faced with persecution in Poland, Rumania, Austria…?

The Persecution narrative which had been peddled throughout the world in regard to European Jews, was not only a repetitive escalation of propaganda since the 1933 Jewish Declaration of War against Germany, but common propaganda prior to the Third Reich and beyond; even claiming Jewish Persecution under the Jewish coup government that usurped Empirical Russia (aka Russian Revolution), persecuted by their co-religionists, even though under U.S.S.R. law Anti-Semitism was punishable by death?
So is there any logical claim that Jewry was subject to persecution by Rumania as an Anti-Semitic State? Rumania was not allied with Germany or any other state at this time, it sought to maintain neutrality and cordial international relations. Poland had its own inner ethnic turmoil, social and employment problems, but was not allied with Germany either. However, with the cordial and progressive efforts Hitler had made toward diplomatic relations, the late First Marshall of Poland, Jozef Pilzudski and Adolf Hitler did sign a German-Polish non Aggression Pact in 1934, agreeing to forego military conflict for a period of 10 years and Germany recognising Polands borders… Unfortunately, Marshall Pilzudski died in 1935. Poland had historically been used by Allied states to incite war and border conflict – a cordial relationship with Germany would not have been pleasing to the International Financiers and war mongers, therefore, must have been an Anti-Semitic State.
Hitler speaks on German-Polish Peace here.


Despite Rumania’s 1921 Little Entente alliance in defense of potential Hungarian territorial ambitions, an agreement to supposedly safeguard against any restoration by the Habsburgs in response the Versailles Treaty and, the previous 1926 military pact with France, via the 1921 Act, King Carol II was caught in a sphere of power struggles and desired to stay neutral as much as possible. However, it too had communist political party conflict, internal ethnic turmoil from sizable ethnic minorities, border disputes, along with its much sought after natural resources, especially oil. Germany’s contract with Royal Dutch Shell, via its pro-Nationalist CEO, Henri Deterding, who had contracts with Rumanian oil too, saw the commodity speculators not impressed with the growing German-Rumanian diplomatic relations that were unfolding, especially after the Little Entente’s complete disbandment in 1938 – therefore, must have been an Anti-Semitic State. King Carol’s Rumania became ripe for social turmoil and movements, to keep Romania with state weakening internal strife, so as to not side with, or trade with Germany.

Austria? Since the end of WWI, the Austrian people who had arbitrarily been subject to the dissection of the German/Austro-Hungarian Empire, via the Versailles dictat and the Treaty of Saint Germain, had desired to re-join the German Reich and even more eagerly, since Germany began to prosper under National Socialism, while they themselves suffered in debt and poverty. But in defiance of the peoples right to self-determination, the merger was forbidden by the WWI All-lies! Austrian Leader Engelbert Dollfuss also vehemently opposed it, especially after Hitler became Chancellor in 1933. Austria too was in political, social and economic turmoil, with revolutionary movements and even civil war in 1934. Dollfuss eventually dissolved parliament and made himself dictator, outlawing movements against him. He was a conservative, anti-Communist and attempted to model himself and his government on Mussolini’s Fascism. He was assassinated during a 1934 attempted coup d’etat, the July Putsch and his successor, Kurt Schuschnigg, followed closely in his format. The growing national feeling to unite once again with Germany, would have been an anxious anticipation for the Jewish Financiers. So to excite international condemnation of Austria, by defamatory accusations of an Anti-Semitic State, served as a strategic psychological precursor for international support for war, whether it be military or economic warfare. Unlike in Italy and Germany, the Rothschilds were still conducting their usurious financial business in Austria, but only 3 months after the above financial war plan was announced, 99.71% of the people turned out and 99.73% of the those Austrian people voted to rejoin the Reich in an April 10, 1938 Referendum. On the same day, another Referendum was held in Germany to ask the volk if they wished to rejoin Austria too. Of the 99.5% of the people who turned out, 99.8% of the German people agreed to unite again with their Austrian brothers and sisters… The Rothschild bank in Vienna was closed that same week, with all of its assets seized by the Reich government… the act of an apparent Anti-Semitic State against corrupt Financiers

Adolf Hitler Speaks At Heldenplatz In Vienna 15 March 1938
in the unification of Germany and Austria.

They may find their very existence threatened…?

The self-described Jewish Financiers and Leaders of International Jewry, felt that strongly about their systems and economic positions of extreme power being potentially replaced, that not only did they declare a world-wide economic boycott on Germany in 1933 – which had no long term effect once Germany took control of its own economy – but 5 years later wanted to target nations who might establish their own sovereign currencies and trade practices along with Germany too. They stated this financial war would “be fought on the worlds stock exchanges,” but as we have already established above, Germany’s Reichsmark was not part of the Jewish Financiers usury system and therefore could not be speculated against on international markets and the German stock markets were also tightly controlled to keep prices from being manipulated by international market speculators. So whose very existence were they now threatening? The Polish? The Rumanians? The Austrians?
As we’ve witnessed over many generations, when these international economic players impose Blockades, Boycotts and Sanctions (same effect – different titles) against various nations people, their very existence is actually threatened and ultimately millions upon millions of civilian people have starved to death, or by disease and illness due to not having access to sanitary and medical supplies. This is the inhumane extent that International Jewry are prepared to go to, in order to keep their financial power over nations and peoples.

However, was this £500,000,000 (an estimated $52.6 Trillion USD today) actually going to be used purely on the world stock exchanges? Considering that the New York Stock Exchange in 2011 alone, measured Market Capitalisation (USD Billions) at 14,242; and Trade Value (USD Billions) at 20,161; then one could speculate where this finance would be directed.
Another aspect to consider is the Stock Market Crash of 1929 had reduced the value in all capital just 9 years earlier…

The £500,000,000 was clearly an extremely excessive amount of wealth in the day, to be held by one group or organisation, as the Worker reported that; ‘The leaders of international Jewry [who met in a village near Geneva] expected no trouble in raising such a fund – which to fight the persecutors of Jewish financiers and obviously this kind of excessive economic power would not be relinquished with honour, or without a fight. The owners (or confiscators) of gold did actually do very well from the 1929 crash, as the price of a single ounce of gold rose from just $291 an ounce in 1929, to $539 in 1939… how speculatively lucky for those who held confiscated the gold?

Coincidentally, a year later, the Cairns Post reported on July 8, 1939 (3 months before the outbreak of war – allegedly a surprise invasion by Germany), that the Governors of the Bank of England had planned for a secret gold vault to store, yes, quite the coincidence, £500,000,000 worth of gold, for war securities.

SECRET VAULT FOR £500,000,000

Governors of the Bank of England have drawn up plans for transporting £500,000,000 – of the nations’s gold reserve to a secret vault in the country in the event of war.
This vault is hundreds of miles from London, and comprises a bomb-proof safe deposit. The convoy, will be escorted by an armed guard of both police and soldiers
The gold represents Britain’s staying power-the basis on which war loans might be raised, and the purchasing power which will ensure supplies of food and raw materials from overseas.

Where was this funding spent? Was anything actually spent?

Let’s use one nation for an example… The American mobilisation for WWII at the end of 1941, had moved approximately ten million people out of the civilian labour force and into the war. Government-financed capital spending accounted for only 5% of the annual U.S. investment in industrial capital in 1940; but by 1943, it had increased to 67% of all U.S. investment.

Bernard Baruch was yet another Jewish financier, stock investor and political consultant. As a partner in A.A. Housman & Company, his earnings and commissions enabled him to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. There he amassed a fortune before the age of 30 by profiting from speculation in the market. By 1910, he had become one of Wall Street’s best-known financiers. In a treasonous display of conflict of interest, he was appointed Chief Advisor to both war-time U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt on all economic matters; and during WWII Baruch controlled 351 of the most important branches of American heavy industry. He was on the Advisory Commission to the Council of National Defense and, in 1918, he was the chairman of his new War Industries Board, which managed the US’ economic mobilisation during WWI. He also served as a staff-member at the Versailles conference in France.
For his work in WWI, Baruch was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal which cited, in part; Baruch, a United States Civilian, for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished services to the Government of the United States, in a duty of great responsibility during World War I, in the organization and administration of the War Industries Board and in the coordination of allied purchases in the United States. By establishing a broad and comprehensive policy for the supervision and control of the raw materials, manufacturing facilities, and distribution of the products of industry, he stimulated the production of war supplies, coordinated the needs of the military service and the civilian population, and contributed alike to the completeness and speed of the mobilization and equipment of the military forces and the continuity of their supply.”


Winston Churchill and Bernard Baruch

When the United States entered WWII, President Roosevelt appointed Baruch a Special Adviser to the director of the Office of War Mobilization. He supported what was known as a “Work or Fight” bill. Baruch advocated the creation of a permanent Super-agency similar to his old Industries Board of WWI. His theory ‘elevated the role of Civilian Businessmen and Industrialists in determining what was needed and who would produce it.’ But did the U.S. have surplus to be able to afford all this war time spending to these Civilian Businessmen, especially after the Great Depression? If not, where was the vast finance for it sourced from? Which Civilian Businessmen and Industrialists profiteered from this great war-time expenditure and investment in war production? And on top of that, who would the war debt, with interest on interest be paid to at the end of the war? Has it even been paid off today?

In yet another economic coincidence on the international stage of profiteering and war debt, on February 12, 1949, the Townsville Daily Bulletin reported, that foreign borrowers had defaulted on their payments and interest, to the tune of… you guessed it… £500,000,000.

£500,000,000 DEFAULT

LONDON, Feb. 11. – Foreign borrowers who have defaulted in their payments of capital and interest, now owe British investors nearly £500 million.
The Council of Foreign Bondholders says this in its annual report.
The council protects the interests of holders of foreign government, State or municipal obligations issued in Britain.


Considering that we know Germany’s currency could hardly be effected by international market speculators in 1938, and due to the self sufficiency of the 4 Year Plan having succeeded exponentially, we learn that it is the people with money to spend, is what in fact creates national economic growth. Only the public demand for produce and manufacturing (resulting in more paid employment for further spending and demand), can stimulate national economies… which is the effect of compounding affluence, opposed to compounding interest-debt/extraction – it is the very difference between a positive affluence based currency, opposed to a negative debt based currency. Demand cannot be created by a poor people without money and no employment in manufacturing or production can be developed, unless there is people wanting the goods and can actually buy it. No manufacturer or producer will grow or make more than what is in demand, thus, will not need further employees.
This type of economic growth can never be achieved with a debt based currency system, as all the affluence is continually flowing from the many people, to the few loan-sharks. Such is the format of Jewish usury systems all over the world… the economic enslavement of all people, never to rise above negative debt, to positive affluence.

The mechanics of the Third Reich’s economic system, saw the nation come from being the most impoverished and starving during the world-wide Great Depression, to soaring in prosperity above all others, almost instantaneously. Jewish economists and publishers wouldn’t dare explain the simplicity of these economic reforms to the rest of the worlds nations, thus claimed them to be a miracle, an “Economic Miracle” – No such miracle exists!

The self-described International Jewish Financiers, describe states with such economies as “Anti-Semitic States” given their policy to not facilitate Jewish usury practices or, economic control and enslavement over their nation and people. These Jewish El-ites absolutely did consider these policies as a threat to their existence (perhaps even Persecution), an existence based on parasiticism, even a war on their parasiticism – and they did indeed respond in kind.
If the economic systems of the so-called “Anti-Semitic States” had been adopted by other nations – which it certainly would have in time, if they were left alone – then their parasitic existence would have disintigrated, all their hoards of useless inanimate gold wouldn’t have helped them and they may have even had to work to support themselves. Such could not be tolerated and the answer to this was not to leave them alone, but… Total War! Declared twice by the self styled International Jewry, well before 1939.

However, they not only destroyed nations and people they couldn’t initially control, but prospered further with even more economic enslavement of those who fought their war for them. Was it really £500,000,000 to be played on the stock market, against nations whose economies could not be effected by it? Or was it the basis for so-called war loans?
The Worker did state that their “very existence might be threatened,” but it was rather by imposing debt currency onto various peoples Governments, to build war machines for their actual physical destruction.
Not only did the the future generations have this war-debt enslavement put around their necks before they were even born, but this expenditure resulted in Civilian Businessmen and Industrialists (who decided who would produce it), thrive in the biggest manufacturing boom in history, as well as thriving in the rebuilding and construction of the destroyed countries post-war.
Moreover, they not only achieved great speculative profit, great debt revenue, great business in manufacturing and construction, destruction of millions of people and families all over the world, destruction of ancient historical and irreplaceable architecture; but to top it all off, they got to keep all the gold too… not that anyone saw this half a billion pounds worth of gold that the debt currency was supposedly created on – we’ll just have to take their word for it that they had it… in any event, they didn’t lend gold out, or give any away, just created debt on its purported existence, so they risked and gave NOTHING!

We are led to believe that gold is a real asset to regulate a consistent value in money, but how does that work in reality in a debt-based currency system?
The International Jewish Financiers [allegedly] held half a billion pounds worth of gold, to which they gave to no one (risked and forfeited nothing). A half a billion pounds worth of debt was issued to various Governments based on its [alleged] existence. The Governments transferred/spent this debt-credit on armaments in the businesses of Civilian Industrialists, debt which then transformed into being half a billion pounds worth of revenue for the recipients – who are likely the same international financiers and stock investors, such as Bernard Baruch. These stock investors then received great commissions and wealth through the increased value of their shares, due to the rapid sales and manufacturing in their industrial businesses.

To summarise; They gave nothing away, they imposed half a billion pounds worth of debt, they received half a billion pounds worth of revenue from it on top of the gold they [allegedly] held, their businesses boomed and stock shares grew in value (great speculation)… and they end up demanding that they are still owed another half a billion pounds worth of revenue, due to Government default on debt payment… This is more than tripling their net worth, as well as injecting more debt-based currency into the entire currency pool – reducing the currency’s value thereby.
Remember, this does not even include the infinite interest (usury) on half a billion pounds.

Risked Nothing – Gave Nothing – Took Everything


N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.

‘Declaration of War’ List: 1933 – 1941

“Germany is too strong, we must destroy her.”
∼ Winston Churchill, Nov, 1936.

For over seven decades now, people of the world have been convinced of Germany’s sole culpability for the total State of War that descended on the world during the 1940’s… the biggest international blood-bath known in history, which destroyed the culture, heritage and generations of millions of people from many nations – the blood-bath the profiteers like to call “The Good War.”
However, any discerning look at the facts and the multitude of nations, peoples, finance and politics involved, it should lead one who has a logical mind, to wonder how just one nation can be painted as the sole villain… as is the case with WWI also.
(See: WWI: War Germany Did Not Want… Blamed For Entirely – Pt 1)

March 1939:
Poland, who was already occupying German territory since WWI, invades her smaller neighbour, Czechoslovakia.

August 25, 1939:
On the 3rd of September 1939, King George VI read the famous Kings Speech addressing the nation and the world. The speech that began with, “In this grave hour, perhaps the most fateful in our history …” was to inform the world that Germany had allegedly invaded a sovereign nation, that the world was at war due to this military attack and the Allies of the world should unite steadfastly against this surprise aggression of a common enemy to all peaceful peoples… However, the draft of this speech is dated the 25th of August, 1939 – a week before Germany entered the Corridor to liberate the German people.

1st September 1939:
Following numerous and well documented Polish violations of Germany’s borders, as well as bestially massacring ethnic Germans and refusal to negotiate, or consider Hitler’s Peace Proposals… Germany retaliates to liberate the German victims and reclaims the stolen territory.
Who Really Wanted War?
France and England Deliberately Destroy Poland

The following list itemises the ‘Declarations of War’ and the recognition’s of the ‘State of War’ – beginning with the ‘International Jewish Nation’ declaring total world wide Economic Warfare on Germany, followed by the Polish attack on Germany, on 31st Aug/1st September 1939, through to 1941.


[The term “on” is used to indicate, for example, where Great Britain Declared War “on” Germany. Where time is given, it is the local time of the Capital who Declared War.]

Note: Jewish Bolshevik Russia (U.S.S.R.) was not a signatory to the Geneva Convention, thus did not abide itself to the Laws of War, therefore, did not conduct any formalities such as declarations, legal honour on the battle field or treatment of POW’s – Do what thy Wilt


International Jewry Declared War on Germany – March 24, 1933.

International Jewry Financial Warfare on “Anti-Semitic States” -January, 1938.

Poland Declared War on Germany – Midnight, August 31/September 1, 1939.
[See: the German White Book]

Great Britain on Germany – September 3, 1939, 11:am

France on Germany – September 3, 1939, 5:pm.

India on Germany – September 3, 1939.

Australia on Germany – September 3, 1939.

New Zealand on Germany – September 3, 1939.

Union of South Africa on Germany – September 6, 1939.

Canada on Germany – September 10, 1939.


Norway and Germany – No formal declaration

Belgium and Germany – No formal declaration.

Luxembourg and Germany – No formal declaration.

The Netherlands on Germany – May 10, 1940.

Canada on Italy – June 10, 1940.

Italy on France – June 10, 1940.

New Zealand on Italy – June 11, 1940.

Australia on Italy – June 11, 1940.

Union of Africa on Italy – June 11, 1940.

Greece on Italy – October 28, 1940.

Greece and Germany – No formal declaration.

Germany on Yugoslavia – April 6, 1941.

Italy and Yugoslavia – No formal declaration.

Yugoslavia on Bulgaria – April 6, 1941.

Yugoslavia on Hungary – April 10, 1941.

Bulgaria on Greece – April 24, 1941.

Bulgaria on Yugoslavia – April 24, 1941.

Italy on U.S.S.R. – June 22, 1941.

Germany on U.S.S.R. – June 22, 1941.

Rumania and U.S.S.R. – No formal declaration.

Finland and U.S.S.R. – No formal declaration.

Hungary on U.S.S.R. – June 27, 1941.

Great Britain on Rumania – December 7, 1941.

Great Britain on Hungary – December 7, 1941.

Canada on Finland – December 7, 1941.

Canada on Rumania – December 7, 1941.

Canada on Hungary – December 7, 1941.

New Zealand on Finland – December 7, 1941.

New Zealand on Rumania – December 7, 1941.

New Zealand on Hungary – December 7, 1941.

Japan on the United States – December 7, 1941.

Japan on Great Britain – December 7, 1941.

Australia on Finland – December 8, 1941.

Australia on Rumania – December 8, 1941.

Australia on Hungary – December 8, 1941.

Union of South Africa on Finland – December 8, 1941.

Union of South Africa on Rumania – December 8, 1941.

Union of South Africa on Hungary – December 8, 1941.

Great Britain on Japan – December 8, 1941.

The United States on Japan – December 8, 1941.


Canada on Japan – December 8, 1941, as of December 7, 1941.

Australia on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Free‘ France on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Union of South Africa on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Costa Rica on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Dominican Republic on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Guatemala on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Haiti on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Honduras on Japan – December 8, 1941.

El Salvador on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Panama on Japan – December 8, 1941.

The Netherlands on Japan – December 8, 1941.

The Netherlands Indies on Japan – December 8, 1941.

Cuba on Japan – December 9, 1941.

China on Japan – December 9, 1941.

China on Italy – December 9, 1941.

China on Germany – December 9, 1941.

Germany on the United States – December 11, 1941.

Italy on the United States – December 11, 1941.


The United States on Germany – December 11, 1941.

The United States on Italy – December 11, 1941.

Costa Rica on Germany – December 11, 1941.

Costa Rica on Italy – December 11, 1941

Cuba on Germany – December 11, 1941.

Cuba on Italy – December 11, 1941.

Nicaragua on Germany – December 11, 1941.

Nicaragua on Italy – December 11, 1941.

Guatemala on Germany – December 11, 1941.

Guatemala on Italy – December 11, 1941.

Dominican Republic on Germany – December 11, 1941.

Dominican Republic on Italy – December 11, 1941.

Poland on Japan – December 11, 1941.

Haiti on Germany – December 12, 1941.

Haiti on Italy – December 12, 1941.

Honduras on Germany – December 12, 1941.

Honduras on Italy – December 12, 1941.

El Salvador on Germany – December 12, 1941.

El Salvador on Italy – December 12, 1941.

Panama on Germany – December 12, 1941.

Panama on Italy – December 12, 1941.

Rumania on the United States – December 12, 1941.

Bulgaria on the United States – December 13, 1941.

Bulgaria on Great Britain – December 13, 1941.

Hungary on the United States – December 13, 1941.

Czechoslovakia on All Nations who are in a State of War with either Great Britain, the United States or the U.S.S.R. – December 16, 1941.

Albania on the United States – December 17, 1941.

Nicaragua on Bulgaria – December 20, 1941.

Nicaragua on Hungary – December 20, 1941.

Nicaragua on Rumania – December 20, 1941.

Belgium on Japan – December 20, 1941.

Haiti on Bulgaria – December 24, 1941.

Haiti on Rumania – December 24, 1941.

Haiti on Hungary – December 24, 1941.

Great Britain on Bulgaria – December 27, 1941, as of December 13, 1941.

The Netherlands on Italy – December 30, 1941, as of December 11, 1941.

Union of South Africa on Bulgaria – December 31 1941, as of December 13, 1941.

As Jewish-Bolshevik Russia was not subject to formal Declarations (due to refusal to be signatory to Geneva), the above list does not include the Red Army’s attack on Finland (November 30, 1939), bombing of Sweden (February 21, 1940), the invasion of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (June 18, 1940) loading citizens onto cattle-cars to be railroaded off to Siberian death camps, as the Bolsheviks released Partisan criminals from jail to take the positions of the expelled local authorities – as the Ukrainians were also subject to in 1940… and that Stalin had forced Rumania to surrender Bessarabia [Moldavia] (June 27, 1940). Of course the ‘Kings Speech’ or the Allies concern about the peoples of sovereign nations, did not apply to the peoples subject to the terror of Jewish-Bolshevism.

German sole culpability?
One might have to wonder where both WWI and WWII are concerned, that after both events and the multitude of special interests on financial, political, corporate and national levels, why, regarding both wars, is the sole blame on the shoulders of the one nation who did not instigate hostilities, either physically or formally? And further, was the only nation to initiate repeated Peace Proposals?



N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.