1945 – The Worlds Biggest Revolution You Never Heard Of

‘The World Conquerors’ Review and More


The aftermath of the Second World War is just as convincing of the power of Jewry as the aftermath of the First World War. In the aftermath of the first conflict the Jewish delegations at Paris achieved some amazing things. These included the mandate over Palestine, the incorporation of the language of the ‘Balfour Declaration’ in the text of the mandate, the minorities treaties in Central Europe and the ‘Covenant of the League of Nations’.
But in the aftermath of World War Two, the Jewish achievement in power politics was even more amazing.

First came the great Nuremberg Trial where the German defendants were hung during the Jewish high holidays of October 1946.
But even more impressive was the immense army of ‘carpetbaggers’ who followed the American and British armies into Germany.
They were joined by a similar army of occupiers from the Jewish Bolshevik east. These occupiers wore British, American and Soviet uniforms, but all displayed the same ethnicity.

The Hungarian author, Louis Marschalko, describes the process in his extremely rare book, ‘The World Conquerors’, published in English translation in 1958.
In Chapter Nine, ‘Revenge Is Ours’, Marschalko writes: “On May 9th, 1945, the revenge of Jehovah was turned loose over Europe. The planes of the British and American forces were still called ‘liberators’ but Eisenhower announced: But were the Americans, in fact, the real victors?”

In the wake of the advancing American forces, a sinister fifth column followed, the members of which in ninety-nine per cent of the cases, were not Americans. This vengeful army was made up of emigrants from Eastern European countries, of black market operators from Brooklyn ghettos, of Czech, Polish and Hungarian Jews, who took refuge in London and of criminal inmates from the “liberated” internment camps.
They filled all major and minor posts as non-commissioned Officers in the C.I.C. (Counterintelligence Corps) as the Ritchie Boys, organised according to the Morgenthau Plan, they swarmed in operations of the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services – predecessor of the C.I.A.), in the various commissions searching for alleged war criminals, as well as in the American security organisations. They became mayors of German towns and commandants of P.O.W. camps and they administered LaGuardia’s U.N.R.R.A. (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration). They occupied key positions in the American forces and thus exercised control over them.
There were only 2,524 alleged German war criminals on the original list of the U.N., but soon their C.I.C. and the purpordedly “American” conquerors were conducting a search for one million alleged German ‘war criminals’.
At first the Jewish Bolsheviks wanted to shoot 50,000 Germans summarily, then they proposed to bring 200,000 alleged ‘war criminals’ to trial at Nuremberg.

Simultaneously, the conquering flood began to move eastwards. A mass of several hundred thousand released from the internment camps surged toward Poland, Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia, to become officers in the Communist Police Forces and other Jewish terror organisations; and to assume judicial powers in the people’s tribunals, so as to be able to pass sentence upon innocent people in an orgy of purported revenge.
They were welcomed with open arms by the Jewish Bolshevik MVD who were in control of the Eastern European countries, receiving an endless supply of Occupation Marks which were printed with abandon – courtesy of Harry White/Weit giving the U.S. printing plates to the Jewish Soviets – costing U.S. tax payers billions. This pattern was everywhere the same.
In the forefront there was either an American, a British or a French general, but in each case a Jewish deputy dogged his heels.
Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under ‘Jewish Occupation.’

Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2000 years, now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism, but by those of a victorious Jewish Nationalism – glowing with hatred.
Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes, there was but one crime to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose – Jewish Nationalism.

The Western and the Eastern Jew set out hand-in-hand to liquidate the Christian upper classes who had succeeded in escaping from Jewish Bolshevism – these were considered unreliable people.
Vlassow’s Cossacks, for instance, wanted to fight against Bolshevik Communism. But whoever resists Bolshevism is actually fighting one section of the Jewish world-kingdom. These Cossacks knew very well who were the Commissars of the collective farms (kolkhoz) before whom the Russian peasant had to go down on his knees. In 1940 they had seen the purported “Russian” MVD entering Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and thus knew the Jews, almost exclusively, had organised the deportation of tens of thousands of unfortunate people from these small Baltic states to the Jewish Gulag death camps. These people were dangerous because they had witnessed certain things. These witnesses must be slain!

How can one account for the fate of Vlassov’s Cossacks, the fate of the Croatian men, women and children, “repatriated” to Tito‘s Yugoslavian Jewish Partisans, or the fate of the Germans “liquidated” by Benes‘ Czechoslovakian Jewish Partisans, otherwise than by Jewish Nationalism operating behind the visible power? How else could such inhumanity be accounted for when so-called British democracy allowed armed military police to deploy against hundreds of thousands unarmed civilian Europeans?

Louis Marschalko here touches upon one of the great hidden secrets of the Second World War – the true identity of the Conquerors.
The British, Americans and French were merely the front men for the real power. Very little academic research has been done on the facts he recounts. It is one of those subjects that “respectable intellectuals” just do not delve into.
Nevertheless, the facts are precisely as Marschalko recounts them. A Jewish terror did descend upon Europe after World War Two. This terror was as omnipresent as it has been little mentioned since.
Whether it was Herbert Lehman, or Fiorello LaGuardia running the UNRRA, or Ana Pauker terrorising Romania, it was, as Marschalko says, the terror of the Jew.
Jews everywhere seized the finest properties in Europe – the homes of the expelled, enslaved and slaughtered [predominately] Germans and Europeans. They lived it up at the expense of the defeated and the so-called Liberators, while portraying themselves as the greatest of martyrs. None of this fits the story in the history books,­ which is why it is deleted.

A few individuals, such as British General, Sir Frederick Morgan and American General, George Patton, tried to blow the whistle on the truth that was unfolding in Europe, but both were quickly silenced. Morgan spoke of a huge flood of Jews pouring down the Balkans out of the Iron Curtain countries toward Palestine. At first the charge was denied but then admitted. Morgan was quickly removed and replaced for daring to tell the truth. General Patton wrote scathingly on how ‘Displaced Persons’– meaning ‘Jews,’ were living it up as virtual privileged saints in Germany after the war.
What happened to Patton and the reasons for it, is only too well known. Post World War Two Europe was a Jews harvest. ‘Survivors’ proliferated in American and British uniforms; Jewish Commissars dominated in Stalinist governments; refugees swarmed to the best hotels and UNRRA supply depots (training and arms) on their way to the “Holy Land.”

To investigate any of this in detail, is to raise immediate questions about the ‘Jewish Extermination’ narrative. Thus, the rich and fallow territory of the Jewish conquest of post-World War Two Europe, lies largely unexplored…. The subject is loaded with historical dynamite.

Then of course, there is the worst genocide of WWII
The slaughter of the German people

‘The World Conquerors, by Louis Marschalko, highly recommended reading!


John Sack’s ‘Eye for an Eye’ can be read – here

N. Jones is a Writer, Researcher, Historian and Literary Critic.

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